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Comment Re:Woe Be The Day Cash Becomes Illegal (Score 1) 447

Gold is a terrible currency, the most overvalued material on earth. It has almost no real value. Its only practical use is as a corrosion resistant connector in basic electronics.

The currency that has had the most steady value in terms of a laborers wage over the last 4 thousand years is beer.

I'll trade you any amount of beer you want for it's weight in gold ;-)

Comment Re:*shiver* (Score 1) 265

What a great way to take my comment out of context and create a generalization. SOMETIMES it's best not to think about these things (emotionally). Clearly you tactlessly disagree. Are you helping to keep track of every particle out there?! What kind of practical solution have you offered? Scientifically, sure, stare at the sky all you want. I'm glad to know there are people out there that are happy to do so.

everyone would know within hours of discovery

Except in this case where it's been just over a hundred years...

Comment Someone call the Fraud Hotline. What's the number? (Score 1) 82

This is such a waste of money...the FBI's most expensive case EVER.

DO you notice a trend that the US government seems to think that the more money we put into something (and fail), the more ADDITIONAL funding is used to push ourselves deeper into the void...?

What the F. Give me my money back!

Comment HA (Score 1) 244

Not if we blow up their computers first!!!!

So China is going to win a cyber war because they believe that the universe and its parts are interconnected?? What kind of opium is this guy smoking?

Why is it that Chinese students come to the U.S. to learn? Why is it that they in turn are constantly trying to hack into our networks thousands of times a day to steal our information? I'm sick of people undervaluing the U.S. for no good reason. Clearly this author doesn't know anything about what he's talking about, getting all philosophical like this. SHEEEITTTTTTTTTTT

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