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Comment Open source more valuable than closed source! (Score 1) 729

Over time we've seen our business model eroding as other open source projects produce free versions of the same extensions and utilities that are our bread and butter

I consider open source software to be more valuable than closed source. I think the problem is that a working business model is not yet in place. I think a working model may look Red Hat, or Codeweavers -- but probably will be better. There is a business model out there, it will just take some more experimentation to find.

Why do I consider open source more valuable? Because I know it has a better chance of continuity and survival than closed source. Take something like Windows 2000: a good, simple and reliable operating system. Windows 2k has been obsoleted and is no longer supported -- and will stay that way. Try arguing with Microsoft on that one.

Take features and options... DX10 took how long to be available on XP? Only after a lot of complaints did microsoft back-port. Look at Linux kernel 2.4... Still has active support somewhere, and while not all features from 2.6 can be backported to 2.4 easily -- most of them _could_ be if the money and desire was there. That is what I call ongoing support.

I pay for open source where I can so that it keeps being developed, to keep the authors and people behind the software working on it. They show me value, I show them money.

Treasures or Trash, 5 PC Cases for Gamers 369

An anonymous reader writes "Tom's Hardware has a look at 5 different customized PC cases and a few peripheral devices that may be of some interest to gamers. From the article: 'Those who believe it is impossible to make any missteps when buying a gaming case are sadly mistaken. In most cases, you get too much plastic for your hard-earned money. Case components, covers and door panels break off far too easily, and are hard to use besides. That's why we advise savvy buyers to spend a few more dollars on their cases, and make sure they're getting quality components - especially where plastic covers or door panels are present.'"

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