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Submission + - 10 Questions for the Creator of CSS, Opera Softwar (pcmag.com)

mikemuch writes: The standard that eventually became CSS was originally submitted to Tim Berners-Lee et al by Haakon Wium Lie, who continues to have new ideas for the web formatting language. The latest proposal from the current CTO of Opera Software is the CSS Generated Content for Paged Media Module. Lie sat down with PCMag to discuss not only this scrollbar-free browsing initiative, but a wider range of Web topics, including thoughts on powers like Apple and Google. A teaser Freom the story: 'At Opera, we sometimes wake up in the morning and see a new Google service that could have been optimized if we could have worked with them in the development phase. It seems they're more eager to put out things and see what sticks.'

Submission + - Hands On with Google Chrome OS on the Cr-48 (pcmag.com)

mikemuch writes: PCMag got an early test "Cr-48" test laptop to give Chrome OS a once over. Thought it's fast and stable, there's a slew of work to be done: Forget plugging in any USB device aside from a mouse or keyboard--no memory or media devices need apply. The OS is even less OS-like and more browser-like than Google's initial glimpse of it a year ago, with the New Tab page taking over the function of the Apps panel. There's also very little prevision for working with any downloaded files, which makes sense given Google's "everything in the cloud" philosophy.

Submission + - Internet Explorer 9 Beta Reviewed, Benchmarked (pcmag.com)

mikemuch writes: Later today, Microsoft will release to the public the next version of its Internet Explorer, version 9, at an event in San Francisco called Beauty of the Web (you'll be able download from this link starting around 10:30AM PT). In the meantime, PCMag has a very full review of IE9 Beta, including a slideshow and benchmark results. This is the first look we've gotten at the new browser--earlier pre-release "Platform Previews" have dispensed with any user interface niceties, merely being demos of the new Chakra JavaScript engine, graphics hardware acceleration, and HTML5 support. In this beta, Microsoft has followed Google Chrome's (and other browsers') trend toward minimalization, leaving more space for the webpage at hand. The browser also comes within range of Chrome and Opera's previously much-faster JavaScript performance, though it still lags in supporting many HTML5 features,

Submission + - iPhone 4 LCD vs. Luminance/Chromaticity Meter (pcmag.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Does the iPhone have the best LCD? PC Mag used a color meter to measure chromaticity and luminance off a few hot smarphones; they calculated and compared the following image quality factors:

Color Depth
Color Accuracy

The results are that the iPhone is the most well rounded LCD but there's only one area where it really falls short: Apple crippled the display's replication of the sRGB color gamut accuracy. The display's colors are under saturated by a whopping 36%....the Motorola DROID X's display are only under saturated by 6%.

Submission + - Summer Browser Comparison (pcmag.com)

An anonymous reader writes: PCMag has put up its latest state of the browser article, touching on JavaScript performance, HTML 5 support, security, customizability, and more. Google's Chrome has really shaken up browser land, pushing other players to speed up their JavaScript performance. It now trades the lead on this measure every month or so with Opera, which had fallen behind since Chrome's arrival. Meanwhile, Firefox, the former geek darling is losing ground, with even alternates like Flock switching from Mozilla XUL to Chromium as its code base. HTML 5 support is anything but consistent, with Apple posting HTML 5 demos that test for Safari exclusively and all the "modern" browsers offering different implementations of Canvas, SVG, and video (as in H.264 vs. Ogg Theora). Microsoft, the onetime flouter of standards is playing catchup and preaching "same markup" with the test version of IE9.

Submission + - Google Builds a New Docs Platform (pcmag.com)

mikemuch writes: In addition to offering faster, desktop-like performance, better imported document fidelity, and more features found in standard Office apps, Google's new infrastructure for its web-based office suite will enable the company to more easily update the apps. A side effect (or benefit, depending on where you sit) is that the new platform will ditch Gears in favor of HTML 5. For a while starting May 5 there will be no offline capability whatsoever. Collaboration is a big focus, with a new chat sidebar and real-time co-editing. The new Docs and spreadsheet apps will be opt-in previews, but a new drawing app launches fully. Both go live later today on the Google Docs site.

Submission + - Bing Adds Street View, Apps, and More (pcmag.com)

mikemuch writes: Thought it's still far behind Google in overall search volume, you have to give poor little Microsoft credit for continuing to add capabilities to its search engine. Today's release adds street view--called Streetside--that takes advantage of Microsoft's photo-stitching PhotoSynth technology. Not only is Microsoft itself using Photosynth, but users can also upload their Photosynths so that anyone on the web can, say, duck inside a house for sale, or into the Met to check out a Rembrandt. Beyond street view, Bing now also gets apps that third-party developers can add for map overlays that do things like showing where Twitter tweets were tweeted, webcams, news stories, and even grafitti tags.You can try the new features out for yourself at www.bing.maps/explore. You can also read more about the announcements or view a slideshow of Bing Streetside and Apps at PCMag.

Submission + - Mozilla Releases Thunderbird 3.0 RC1 (pcmag.com)

mikemuch writes: On the eve of T-day, T-bird 3 goes RC. The new version adds archiving, tabs, and new search options. It's also gotten a usability overhaul, with a much simpler email account setup. Under the covers, the latest version of the Gecko engine, speeds up rendering, as does background IMAP folder synchronization. Search has been enhanced, too, with a timeline and refinement filters. PCMag.com has a full review andslideshow of the new Thunderbird 3.

Submission + - Microsoft Debuts Bing Search, Watch Out Google! (pcmag.com)

mikemuch writes: Though many have written off web search as a done deal, it's amazing how many players try to get in on Google's considerable action. This player is a big player, and Microsoft, after nearly a year of testing a new search site under the codename Kumo, today unveiled the product under its real name, Bing. The site will go live to the world next Wednesday, but meanwhile, PCMag.com has a full hands-on of Bing including pictures.

Submission + - Flickr Adds Video Uploading for All, HD Video

mikemuch writes: Yahoo's Flickr photo-sharing service has been offering a taste of video for nearly a year, but only to paid Pro members. Now free member can upload videos, and Pro members get HD. The allowances are still quite limited compared with what you get on YouTube or Vimeo: Just two 90 second videos up to 150MB each per month for free users. Worst of all, free users can't view the uploaded video in HD, only Pro users.

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