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Comment Re:This is second place (Score 1) 1260

Here, try it in a base 8 format.

In base 8, .11111111 = 1/8 + 1/80 + 1/800

No, it's 1/8 + 1/64+ 1/512+ .... (unless you were writing those denominators in base 8, but 8 is not a digit in base 8... so I'm guess you are just mistaken) And you can check that 7/8 + 7/64 + 7/512 + .... is indeed equal to 1.

Comment Re:I see a lot of denial in this post (Score 1) 917

Are you suggesting then if one phone never drops a call and another phone drops 1 in 10 million, that the second phone is infinitely worse? I would suggest that saying 'it drops 2x as many calls' is more misleading than saying it drops '1 extra call per hundred', since the former number directly translates into how many extra dropped calls I should expect if I buy the phone, whereas the first really tells me nothing. If the 3GS dropped 20% of calls, then dropping twice as many is TERRIBLE. If the 3GS dropped 0.00001% of calls, then I could care less if the 4 dropped twice as many. But tell me 1 extra call per hundred, then I know exactly what I'm getting.

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