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Journal Journal: $1,000 Giveaway (a deal a day site, similar to,,, has announced their first free money giveaway. Just add the entry to your cart and check out--the receipt is your contest entry confirmation. They are giving away $1,000, but it's split up into 5 prizes ($500, $300, $100, and two $50 prizes).

So while that may still not be enough to buy yourself the premium PS3, the top prize will at least be ALMOST enough for a Wii60. Or you could use it to upgrade your system, and a good start might be an additional harddrive--for that TigerDirect has a Seagate 160 GB SATA harddrive for a mere $20 (after mail-in rebate and not including $7 shipping)--well, it was... I think I may have bought the last one as they say it's no longer available, but maybe they'll get more in stock?

One more thing, another member posted this on, so let's see if Slashdot can't send more links to since we can't let win this, now can we?

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Journal Journal: Moderating Again

So it's only been 10 days since I moderated for my first time (and I burnt through those points fairly quickly--but I found some good posts that I felt deserved the moderation), but I'm moderating again already. I'm pretty psyched about it (again) since I think moderating is fun. Hopefully I can use them as well as I did last time or better. Once again, I plan to use at least 1 or 2 of them on older threads where some later posts are ignored, 1 or 2 on newer threads to get things started, and the last one or two on unfairly modded comments.
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Journal Journal: First Time Moderating

I just got mod points for the first time today! I'm excited as I've been waiting for such a glorious opportunity. However, I'm also a bit nervous about it as I only have 5 moderator points, and I want to make sure I use them wisely. I want to use them mostly on comments later on in conversations as I feel that many of those comments go unjustly unnoticed at times, but then I'll probably end up using a couple on newer conversations and at least one to for a comment that was unfairly modified into oblivion. This'll be fun though.
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Journal Journal: MidnightBox.Com is 1 Year Old turned one year old today! To celebrate this momentous occasion they sold their famous mystery box as the item of the day. If any slashdotter hasn't had the pleasure of checking out MidnightBox yet, I highly recommend doing so. Happy Birthday, MidnightBox!
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Journal Journal: Blogs

I added an RSS feed to my main web site ( by integrating parts of it with blogger. I also went ahead and started a seperate blog (not really connected to my main site at all) about "technology"--it's a broad topic, but it'll give me more to write about. And since I haven't been sitting down and writing creatively, I need SOMETHING to write about. Check out my new blog here (

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