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Comment Re:Finally? (Score 1) 358

I must respectfully disagree with your comment about "there aren't many pre-builts better than Apple in terms of hardware." I have had an Apple MacBook for just over a year now and while I love the OS (and upgraded to Leopard a few days ago--the improvements to file management, particularly Stacks and Quicklook are phenomenal), but their hardware (at least the low-end stuff) is some of the crappiest hardware I've ever owned. After just over a year, the plastic on my MacBook has cracked twice (once repaired under warranty--known design flaw--and now once after warranty; I've never bought an extended warranty for any product as I've never NEEDED it for any product). The plastic I'm referring to is the plastic around the keyboard and surround the monitor--slivers of it will fall off (so it's not something that seems natural--e.g. something you would expect from abuse) near the edges of the case. In addition, after just over a year the MagSafe power adapter frayed and became unusable (also a known issue that Apple should have issued a recall for but did not do so--the official line is that its the result of abuse--but I have never had a power adapter from any device fray and if you read online some people had theirs fray after just a couple of months). Of course a replacement MagSafe power adapter is $79 ($75--which included tax, for me as I'm a student and the book store had them for a bit less than Apple sold them for), pretty steep if you ask me. And it's not just the physical components of the hardware that are lacking, the sound chip on the MacBook doesn't even have OpenAL support (note: this is the original Core Duo--I can't speak for the Core 2 Duo), which is pretty basic sound hardware support--and the speakers are of course pretty weak, but that doesn't bother me as much.

Submission + - TaxGeek: OpenSource Federal Income Tax Software fo

niiler writes: "There is finally a usable Federal Income Tax program for Linux users who don't wish to file online.

TaxGeek is a Mozilla-based US income tax program that includes Form 1040, Schedules A, B, C, C-EZ, D, E, K-1 (1065), SE (Short and Long), W2, Forms 8880, 8853, 8863, 8812, 5695, 4952,3903, 2106, 2106ez, 2441 with access to most other files as PDFs. It is also intended to be extensible so that developers can easily add other forms that are needed without affecting the existing file formats and stored data.

TaxGeek will do all the calculations required in the forms it supports. It can use tax-tables, tax-formula, and the qualified dividends and capital gains methods. It has 95% of the supporting worksheets for 1040 implemented and working and many of the supporting worksheets for schedules and forms that are supported. Additionally, TaxGeek has a context-based repository of PDFs of all the commonly used IRS forms that aren't officially supported. These forms are clearly marked for identification by developers of what needs to happen next.

TaxGeek will also create PDFs of all the supported Forms so that you can not only do your taxes, but also print them and send them in to the IRS. PDF creation support is only possible with the installation of Perl PDF::Reuse. At this point, e-filing is *not* supported. P.S. The name was picked because of the nickname I acquired due to my interest in the topic."

Submission + - World wide shutdown is early stages of planning...

zoftie writes: Many people are planning to shut their computers off for entire day on March 24th. Shutdown Day website already went over 25000 people who are committed to spending their day free of their electronic pacifier, feeding tube however you want to describe your relationship to your computer(s). Being in IT industry for a while this leads on to one question, what is the consequence of such act, and what does it ask of us beyond turning off the computer.

Submission + - Google Launches Summer of Code 2007

An anonymous reader writes: Looks like Google has announced that it will be doing Summer of Code again this year. Program looks pretty much the same this year but they have built time into the program schedule for students to get up to speed before they start coding. Nice job, Google.

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