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Comment Hard to find good developers in Denver (Score 4, Interesting) 491

My company is looking for experienced developers in the Denver area without much luck. They may be out there but they seem to be behind a wall of recruiters or otherwise unavailable due to not wanting to jump from their current jobs. I think the unemployment rate for .net developers here is something like 2%.

Yes, we need more. A common Slashdot response is that the employers aren't paying enough to attract the talent. Well, if the talent isn't worth the money in terms of bang for buck for the company, then I guess that's that, employer doesn't get a new employee and the employee doesn't get the job. Its unfortunate for both sides at that point, the economics just don't add up.

Comment Re:Wondering about desktop sales ... (Score 1) 268

How can tablets/phones/whatever replace the desire for a screen bigger than 10" and/or a real keyboard designed for typing and/or a real mouse designed for precision?

Sure, I believe for consuming media content "on the train" and a small fraction of business purposes, a touchscreen is sufficient and arguably better than a desktop, but I cannot see a future where these small touchscreens can replace the vast majority of business purposes which require lots of user input and accurate cursor control on a screen big enough to do multitasking functions.

Even for home entertainment, I have a smartphone, I have a tablet, and I have a desktop. I use all three, however I spend most of my time on the desktop because using a real keyboard is easier than a touchscreen whose keyboard takes up half the view, I have a much larger screen so I can do more than one thing at a time, and I like to game so the precision of a good mouse is important to me.

Comment Re:Only as "free" as your ability to defend it (Score 3, Interesting) 692

The GP, if he/she is like every single other Libertarian I've discussed this with, is convinced that poor people are poor because they don't work hard, and government assistance programs are literally stealing from the wealthy to "fund the whims" of the poor, who are poor due to their laziness. These people believe that taxing the rich to assist the poor will just make the poor more lazy as they don't have to work hard anymore, and is therefore counterproductive. They also believe that taking money from the rich to give services to the poor is counterproductive because of the the point in my previous sentence, but also because the rich can put that money to better use (hiring people for example, or investing). In my experience the opposite is true. The poor tend to spend their money on necessities at the most competitive prices possible, directly injecting the money into the economy in a very capitalistic way, whereas the rich tend to save the money (not spend it) or spend it on $5000 watches, $80,000 foreign SUVs, traveling around the world throwing the money away, etc...conspicuous consumption which is not healthy for the economy.

Comment Re:Only as "free" as your ability to defend it (Score 4, Insightful) 692

You think that poor people are unproductive and rich people are productive, I'm guessing. If you're ever in the Santa Barbara area, take a stroll through Montecito on a workday afternoon and count the number of people either at the country club, drinking martinis at one of the many expensive restaurants, or just "out for a drive". Now go into one of those country clubs or restaurants and tell me who is actually doing the work. Come back to me and tell me who are the unproductive members of society again.

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