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Comment Freeware Wolf ET's engine goes GPL (Score 2, Informative) 266

One of the two games who's engine went GPL is Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. It was already a freeware game. Sadly its engine was getting old as people struggled to get its OSS audio working on newer distros with ALSA/Pulseaudio. I look forward to that being fixed on other great improvements being made to Wolf ET.

Comment Don't forget taxes and fees (Score 2, Insightful) 311

This is important: Don't forget that along with that $20/month extra that you pay with a subsidized version, you also have to pay roughly $4 more in taxes and fees. Most Americans won't have to do anything like that with the Nexus One itself.
Do the Math: $529 retail price - (24 months * (20 dollars/mmonth + $4 taxes&feees/month))
The end result is that the unlocked Nexus One is a steal at -47 USD!
BTW, you can do something similar with AT&T smartphones. I bought an unlocked Nokia 5800 XpressMusic for $270 (you can get it for a lot less often now.) I only have to pay $15/month (before taxes and fees) on a data plan, rather than $30 like all phones purchased from AT&T require (presumably when the phone is purchased at a subsidized price.)
So the result is that instead of paying roughly $100 for my phone, I pay $270 retail price - (24 months * (15 dollars/month + $3 taxes&fees/month)). This equals -162 USD!

Comment Re:Water in Uranus and Neptune? RIGHT (Score 1) 242

Hydrogen != water.
They are WRONG, not RIGHT.
Earth's atmosphere is indeed primarily composed of nitrogen, but that is quite a bold claim to say that that Earth as a whole is primarily composed of Nitrogen. I am under the impression that the metallic rock in the core and the mantle is much greater than the nitrogen, both in terms of volume and mass. Where did you read that earth as a whole is primarily composed of nitrogen? The Australian museum says:
The overall composition of the Earth is very similar to that of meteorites, and because of this, it is thought that the Earth originally formed from Planetesimals composed largely of metallic iron and silicates.

Comment Water in Uranus and Neptune? WRONG (Score 1) 242

According to the article:
The researchers said they cannot tell yet if HD 1461b is a scaled-up version of Earth, composed largely of rock and iron, or whether, like Uranus and Neptune, it is composed mostly of water.
[sarcasm]Yeah, perhaps they have as much water as planetary nebulae have![/sarcasm]
Actually, Uranus and Neptune are primarily composed of hydrogen, just like the other 2 gas planets. Uranus and Neptune appear blue because of their methane, not water!

Comment Re:Far Superior $250 Linux Netbook (Score 1) 92

Oh, sorry, I was confusing it with the ARM SoC on the iPhone.

Still, I found out about some limitations of the beagle board.
"ARM Cortex-A8 processor is currently clocked at 500MHz"
"At 600MHz OMAP35x is considered to be 'overdrive' and it does not have the same life expectancy"

It also only supports resolutions upto 720P or 1024x768.

Still, you can't compare the beagle board and an atom netbook. The atom netbook with its 1.6 ghz atom (600mw average power consumption for the CPU itself) and 1 GB of ram can run Windows or desktop (K)Ubuntu. It has wi-fi, an LED screen, a keyboard, etc. I can use it as my secondary computer when I have a desktop and servers. The beagle board is the kind of device you would want to put an embedded entertainment device where a 500-600 mhz CPU with 128MB of RAM is sufficient and you want powerful 3d and video. I'm sure it's SoC will do well in the Pandora (which has the 256MB version.)

Still, the Skytone has a last-gen ARM SoC (ARM11) and tries to use it for netbook rather than multimedia purposes. Yet it costs the same price as the atom netbook. I still think the advantages (size, weight, little less overall typical power, different free OS) it has over the HP Atom netbook or far outweighed by its disadvantages (CPU, RAM, storage, screen.)

Comment Re:Far Superior $250 Linux Netbook (Score 1) 92

"Let's throw the display out"?

Whether we're talking about a netbook, a nettop, or a beagle board, how can you do web browsing and video with out a display? If you can point me to any LCD monitors that I can hook up to a beagle board with power consumption along the lines of 2 Watts, I'd very much appreciate it. The lowest power one I could find was on newegg was 23 W max (a 15" HP.) I haven't crawled the web for a 15" LED display, but I imagine they must be expensive.

And what's the point in comparing max power consumption/TDP? When an atom netbook is at max power consumption, it is playing a sophisticated game like Rise of Nations or a movie at higher than DVD quality. Your beagle board or N800 can't do that. I had a Nokia N800 and sold it. I had to transcode most DVD quality videos to play them smoothly even with mplayer. The web browsing was slow, even after the diablo update. The web browser was not full featured as I did not have things like the firefox places menu. I had to launch a 3rd party app to watch youtube smoothly. Flash heavy sites were especially painful, and a faster flash plugin can only help so much. And my Eee 901 with an atom has yet to burn my lap, and I can't possibly imagine it burning my hands.

I look forward to the next generation Nokia Internet Tablets with hardware accelerated video, a faster ARM core, and a more advanced web browser though. I especially eagerly look forward to the Cortex A8 powered netbooks. A 2 to 3 W max SoC in exchange for much more power, including HD video capabilities, is very much welcome.

But putting PDA-like guts in a netbook (with a tiny battery and a screen that is smaller than the case) only makes sense if you are selling it for less than $200. It only makes it a little bit more green. When a $200 to $250 Cortex A8 netbook with 10+ hours of battery life comes out in 3 to 5 months, I will likely buy one. I'll embrace both Ubuntu and Android on it.

But as for this Skytone, simply put, this isn't the Android we're looking for. Move along.

Comment Re:Far Superior $250 Linux Netbook (Score 1) 92

That Skytone machine still only has 2 to 4 hours of battery life. That's what the HP gets too according to this article. http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsID=4818 The HP's CPU, northbridge, and southbridge don't burn > 10 W unless you're running the CPU, graphics core, audio core, memory, and SSD at nearly 100% access. The skytone has a 2 Cell battery, the HP has a 3 Cell. Clearly the HP is only using up about 50% more power on an average load. And at max load, who cares if the SoC is using up only 1 watt when the rest of the system uses up probably about 10?

Comment Far Superior $250 Linux Netbook (Score 1) 92

http://www.dealigg.com/story-HP-Mini-1110NR-Netbook-with-Mobile-Internet-Experience Here's one running HP's ubuntu for $250 available today. It has a 1.6 ghz atom, not a 533 mhz ARM CPU. It has a 9" LCD with 1024x600, not a 7" with 800x480. It has 512 MB of RAM, not 128MB to 256MB. It has an 8GB SSD, not 1GB to 4GB. What does the Skytone offer over this? A different free OS, 1 lb less to the weight, and a little bit smaller size? I am not impressed. I will however look forward to the real ARM Cortex A8 Systems running at 1 Ghz or higher with 512MB of RAM and Ubuntu for the same price.

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