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Comment Why we should all hate baseball (Score 1) 79

The A's are a perfect example of why we all should stop watching baseball. First they threaten to leave Oakland, so the city dumps money into them on the condition that they sell last minute tickets at a price Oakland residents can actually afford. Then a year or so later they complain they need more money and that selling tickets people can actually buy is cutting into their profits and they also want more money to pay off more players because the MLB doesn't have salary caps on players or teams. So Fremont opens their checkbooks and buys the team, and Cisco comes along and to create a new field that will insure nobody from Oakland or Fremont will ever afford a ticket. In a couple years the A's will just pull this crap all over again.

I'm not a football fan, but the NFL has price caps on teams and players. The teams tend to care more about where they play and the fans follow with them even if the team is doing terrible. The A's don't have a lot of people forking out money because nobody can be proud of a team that keeps threating to leave in order to grab more money. In the same city of Oakland you can go see a packed Raiders game in the middle of one of the worst Raiders seasons in the teams history. If you're coming through the Oakland Airport you'll see a huge line of Raiders fans after the game flying home. Even when they don't live here anymore they still love the team and will pay plane fare and ticket fair to see a loosing team.

We should just start boycotting baseball entirely, there is nothing there to respect anymore.

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