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Comment Re: Here It Comes... (Score 1) 151

according to H.R. Haldeman the Nixon administration saw heroin as a tool for disenfranchising blacks and pot as a tool for disenfranchising 'hippies'.

of course the disparate rates of drug sentencing made disenfranchising vast numbers of black citizens a huge part of the actual effect of cannabis hysteria so it is likely a part of why the policy has continued so long.

Comment WSJ not credible as arbiter of bias (Score 1) 385

I trust the WSJ to relay corporate press releases adequately but their editorial slant is the sort of murdochian right wing nutjobbery that leads to 'conservapedia'. Anything except extreme climate denialism and laffer curve idolatry is likely to register with them as a liberal plot to destroy america.

Comment Re:Big disappointment anymore (Score 1) 95

There is still plenty of room for improvements with specialized design and software even if physics is limiting the improvements in general purpose cpus.
New interconnect technology like on chip photonics, specialized hardware like artificial neurons, and new software designs to take advantage of new capabilities provide plenty of room for future growth.
Even if hardware stays still there is plenty of improvement to be made in algorithms, coding and working with ever larger networks.

I'm betting on A.I. and autonomous cars.

Comment can Watson now attend meetings? (Score 1) 168

This might finally explain IBM's long game as they purge the company of now unneeded human consultants. It only seemed like a complete hollowing out of all institutional knowledge and ability to create customer satisfaction while pursuing a short sighted focus on quarterly numbers.

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