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Comment Public Schools are not set up for Success. (Score 1) 1255

I think if you can send your child to a private school or home school them and they get a better education then you are doing what is best for your child. Despite what the article says I think that public education has almost become a lost cause in some places. It is highly politicized and agenda driven. Your child does not come out of the system educated as much as they become indoctrinated. That is in the public colleges as well, I have seen that first hand. There are some excellent educators who work in the public schools and they do make a difference. Even if everyone put their children in public schools it would not really improve things...even over time. Not the ways the schools are run now. They keep demanding more money from the taxpayer and turn out even more ill prepared students each year. The parents play a large role in the individual success of the student. The teachers can only do so much with 40 students in one period. The educator does not have the time to work with students who are struggling. As much as the public says blame the teacher when the student is unsuccessful I argue that the system is currently set up so that your child has more potential to fail than succeed. If the child is not a self starter or a self learned the parent needs to ensure the child stays on track and studies. The teacher does not have the time or resources to do it. Distractions like video games and sports need to go away until the child can prove that he or she can study on their own and keep up with the program. Parents seem just as susceptible to the social pressures that their children are dealing with and sometimes make the wrong choices that allow their kids to be "cool" in the eyes of their peers all the while put them in the position to fail academically because the time is not being put into study. The generation coming up now seems to be raised by big kids instead of solid adults from what I have observed. That is not true for everyone but it certainly seems to be a lot of them. In closing if you choose to educate your child through private school or home schooling you are doing them a favor if you can afford it. It is not your responsibility to help educate your neighbors kids with your hard earned tax money or supposedly make their education better because you put your kids in public school as well. Do what is right for your children and let those responsible for others take care of themselves.

Submission + - The Worlds First "Christian Android Tablet" (

mike2400 writes: "The Family Christian chain of retail stores have released the "Edifi" Android tablet in their retail stores and website. The "Edifi" is not a bad looking device with 8 GB of onboard memory. It can be expanded to 40 GB with a 32 GB micro SD card. It has full 1080p HDMI output along with a built in microphone. It also has a headphone jack and a line in input as well. You can find out more about it by going to Family Christian's website, For $149 it looks to be a decent inexpensive tablet that could be possibly rooted to expand its capabilities. Fox news has also done a write up of the tablet;"

Comment I don't recommend A Night to Remember (Score 1) 726

When I was a kid we actually lived on a boat. My dad was and still is fascinated by the Titanic. So he thought a good book to read to my brother and I was A Night to Remember. That is really the only book I remember my dad reading to me and my little brother. I know he read other books but this is the only one I remember clearly from my childhood days. It did not upset me but my little brother had nightmares about the boat sinking. I would start with something that has pictures. Maybe Star Trek comics. You can get a bunch on a CD that has most of the old comics on it from Amazon. Comics have gotten a lot more serious lately. The older stuff is a lot more lighthearted and might peak his interest.

Submission + - Bandwidth Overage Fee Notice From Cox Was In Error (

mike2400 writes: "Multi-Channel news reports that “Cox Communications said a message apparently displayed to broadband customers on its website indicating they would be billed overage fees for exceeding monthly bandwidth usage was a mistake.” Currently Cox says there are limits for each tier of service but the user is not charged if they go over their limit. Cox certainly has the infrastructure in place to measure bandwidth use and could easily convert that information into additional charges for their customers. A spokesman from Cox said in the report from Multichannel news that they will “continue to evaluate service delivery and billing options as the industry and needs of the customer evolve.” Multichannel news states that “about 3% of Cox customers exceed the monthly data allowance for their tier.” Other large national broadband providers are billing users for going over the advertised data cap. It will just be a matter of time before Cox follows the same trend."

Comment Re:a new obstacle for navigators (Score 1) 83

Not really. The Turbine is going up in a very wide part of the bay. The only traffic channel that it will come near to would be the channel to Cape Charles. The main commercial channels are a few miles away from the site. I know that there is a lot of things going into this unit that will ensure that it won't be a impediment to traffic on the bay. If something does hit it then they have gone out of their way and ignored many audible/visual and physical warnings to do so.

Submission + - Virginia approves first offshore wind-energy turbine for US waters (

mike2400 writes: "I was a bad proofreader. Go with this one and kill the first one I sent....

According to the Virginian Pilot: The US is closer to having off shore wind turbines. Gamesa from Spain has partnered with Newport News Energy, a subsidiarity of Newport News Ship Building and Huntington Ingles Industries, to build the first off shore wind turbine in the US. It will be located in the Chesapeake Bay off the shore of Cape Charles, VA which is located on Virginia's Eastern Shore. The prototype 5 MW (The paper said 5 kw — that's a typo) unit should be up and running by next year."

Submission + - Virginia approves first offshore wind-energy turbine for US waters. (

mike2400 writes: "The US is closer to having off shore wind turbines. Gamesa from Spain has partnered with Newport News Energy, a subsidiarity of Newport News Ship Building and Huntington Ingles Industries, to build the first off shore wind turbine in the US. The protype 5 MW (The paper said 5 kw — that's a typo) unit should be up and running by next year."

Comment We cut the cord on Cable TV (Score 1) 697

My wife and I did not see the reason to pay about $60 for the six channels out of the 150 that we were watching. So we just cut back to high speed internet only with cox in SE VA. I have a decent over the air antenna in the attic that picks up 30 or so digital stations. We have a stand alone tivo and HD Home Run network tv tuner. Between the tivo and window media center we are covered with the local tv stuff. Netflix covers movies as well as occasional renting fron VUDU. We have a pc with HDMI hooked up to the home theater system and we get what we would of gotten on cable from the network web sites or hulu. I miss shows like Storm Chasers and stuff like that on Discovery. But overall we have no regrets and we save money. I did have to fight with Cox in the beginning of our relationship because they were cutting bandwidth to netflix and youtube despite the fact that we had a 20 mb downstream package. That took a month to fight with them about but then someone flipped a switch and we have had no problems after that. We're happy living with out pay television.

Comment Disappointing (Score 1) 412

I had expected so much more from this movie. I loved the original Tron. I had been looking forward to this movie for months. The depth of the story was pretty shallow. And the only plot I could get was that the creators son was coming to save the grid. Almost biblical. Oh and the other plot, cute girl in tight outfit. I understand what her character was supposed to represent and do but that was not used or utilized to it's fullest potential. I see no sequel coming out of this. Tron is pretty much dead at this point. It's a shame because they could of done so much more.

Submission + - Cox throttles bandwith to online video

mike2400 writes: I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I called cox to cancel my cable tv service only. I was keeping my internet. Almost immediately any online video or audio such as you tube or Pandora was having a hard time buffering and maintaining a quality stream. My speed tests however said I was getting the bandwith I was paying for. I called cox after a few days of this and asked them to do something about it. They said it was on my end but did something on their end to make everything right. I am curious if other folks in the slashdot community have had this issue with cox.

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