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Submission + - The birth of technology in Silicon Valley (

mihamicka writes: A great story about how Silicon Valley showed up and also a story who destroys myths like "Microsoft and Apple made Silicon Valley" when in fact was the other way around.

"From the early days of Stanford, to pioneers who revolutionized the world while Steve Jobs was still in diapers, this is how a humble farming valley transformed into the epicenter of all things tech."

Comment Re:I call BS (Score 1) 352

yeah Anonymous group are organized and they hack with certain purposes ....LulzSec are just loosers who hack just to delete others work for day or months... which shows why they are not in Anonymous group... i agree all CCP have Windows based servers... and those are just like an invitation to that... but to fuck up with others work for months.. that is just idiotic... and stupid...... ppl like this disgusts me ...

Comment This shoud get all of us very worried... (Score 1) 76

At least news like this gets me very worried... why? cos all this announcements ware not made by the companies who got their servers hacked... but ware made by the hackers who did that... i wonder how many hackings are done without anyone knowing ... without anyone making those attacks public... and in theory security engineers learn from things like that.... is called Forensics right? hmmm and some ppl say " There is not such thing as ethical hacking..".... why not? i know from experience that you need a thief to catch a thief.... and another things that gets me worried is the fact that many security engineers say " hackers have small penises" and things like that... but they should see them as enemies and and do not underestimate them... some of them are kids who do this to have fun... some of them do hacking shit cos they are payed to do so... and all this attacks who took place lately... all this has on propose : to take somebody else identity.... why? that is the big answer...

Comment Re:WTF is wrong with the police? (Score 1) 278

comon... violating copyrights is "crime" who harm no one... except someone's bank account... drugs kill ppl, sex offenders destroy lives... do not tell me that some "super-mega-extra-stars" will die of hunger cos some guy posted some movie on some site.... comon... what i meant was : those ppl are not the " big criminals" the police said they ware... i apologies if my English is not very good... i am not a native speaker... :) do not get me wrong... i do IT security for a living :)) but things like that make me throw up.... i will trust the police again if someday they will say " we arrested today 20 big criminals who ware running some child sex offenders ( or whatever how are those sites called) sites" those are big criminals not some guys with some normal movies on a normal site....

Comment WTF is wrong with the police? (Score 3) 278

WTF is wrong with the Police? WTF is wrong with this world?.. Police makes this "great" arrests instead of arresting the drug dealers and murderers and many other shits from the streets? OMG..... what world we live in? A world dominated by money? a world where even arrests are made cos some rich ppl who make some movies ask that? WTF? If the movies would no be so expensive probably a site like would not be needed.... but it is... and all this shit will only bring rage and need for revenge to many ppl including me.. I feel like we all start to live in Ceausescu time... where somebody was "managing" to copy some anti-communist book.. and ppl was giving that book from hand to hand, in secret, to be rad by everybody.... is same shit that so called "movie industry" does.... this reminds me of another article i rad here some time ago.. about some police in Australia who arrested a journalist for writing an article about how to hack computers using Facebook... after a friend's computer was hacked that way... same shit... WTF... police does not work on itself anymore... they work for the ones who pay better? oh and as far as i remember: we, all of us pay the police to be fair... we pay their salaries by paying taxes... WTH?

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