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Comment Re:Common Knowledge (Score 3, Insightful) 147

The phenomenon is that when you move through a doorway that you have some subconscious trigger to forget (you are somewhere else, no need to remember anymore)

This, as well as the original post, are so completely false in logic that I can't even begin to describe it. Ok I will try to begin though.

Of course, people who would be in an experiment, and would go through a door, would have different short term management than those who don't. Going through a door requires some calculations: opening it, closing it, the surprise of the environment of the next room, the risk of walking through the door (what lies beyond is somewhat random before you open the door/cross it, adjustment to the different light/temperature/humidity conditions, and many more.

Those all don't happen consciously, but neither the short term memory is handled consciously. As a direct result, due to these factors all being way more important for the survival of the person, take high priority in the short term memory, with the direct results the test produces...

Comment Re:I don't care if it is harmless (Score 1) 130

Android doesn't, the carrier does, that's why they put it in.

Whoa, wait a sec. It really bothers me that people suggest (and the article also) that carriers need my DEVICE to send them the info of how I use their service? Don't they have like a log of everything I've ever done with my phone? How do they charge me then? Shall I promise I will be a good boy and not exceed my cheap monthly plan?

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