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Comment What for? (Score 1) 190

So what do they want to do?
A massively parallel simulation of a human brain?
Assuming it succeeds, what is the point? We already have 7billion of them around, and much cheaper and we still will not understand how and why it works.
At this point what we need is a few more bright theoreticians and it will not cost nearly as much.

Comment Re:It's like this. (Score 1) 878

Grammar darwinesquely evolved to become a near optimal disambiguation mechanism.
As a byproduct, it also serves as a mutual recognition system among the intellectual "elite".
The result is that proper grammar and spelling are perceived as snobbish artefacts and there is a strong popular pressure to degrade linguistic purity at the expense of understandibility.
This tendency is rather obvious if you compare today's barely readable fora with those of only ten years ago, at least in french.

Comment Better (Score 1) 601

No encryption. I prefer steganography.
Whenever my partners receive a picture of my cat, they promptly retrieve the nasty contents hidden inside.
And the police spies won't even suspect I am an outlaw.

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