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Comment I'm not sure this is the solution, but it is a sta (Score 1) 405

Golf is a fun game. There's not much more satisfying than watching a well hit drive fly through the air in a graceful arc. Then there's that beautiful approach shot that goes 50 yards and bounces once on the green. It's as satisfying as a well caught football or a perfectly hit baseball. But then you've got to wait 10 minutes while the morons in front of you lay down on the green, pull out their levels and plumb bobs and walk around the hole six times, and finally putt 3 feet past the hole, and do it all again. There are two golf games -- The long game and the putting game and the putting game sucks. It's the putting game that makes golf tedious. It's the putting game that makes a round take 4 to 5 hours. One might say the solution is just to go to the driving range and blast a bucket of balls. Well, that's the same as a batting cage. It's fun, but there's no concept of "Game" involved. What we need is speed golf courses. Get rid of the greens and replace them with a 20 foot bowl. Drop par by one. Now drop your ball in the bowl. You should be able to start a foursome every 5 minutes this way, and everyone finishes a long course in 3 hours or less. Leaving me enough time to get home and spend an afternoon with my kids.

Comment Re:And for Comm. Kelly (Score 1) 508

I'm not sure how the use of cameras leads to: -Infringements of my freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press, as well as the right to assemble and petition the government (1st) -forced quartering of soldiers during peacetime - unreasonable searches and seizures - Removal of indictment, imposition of self incrimination, seizure of private property or the imposition of double jeopardy. You might have a case based on illegal search, but as the person is in public space and not being inhibited in any way, I doubt it.

Comment No privacy in a public space. (Score 1) 508

By definition, what you do in public space is public. You have no expectation of privacy in a public place. What is it that we do in -- say Times Square -- that we wish to keep private? Besides adjusting our packages, picking our noses or cheating on our partners (which the police don't care about) we're buying drugs or sex, getting in a fight or blowing stuff up. If you want to do private things, do them on private property.

Comment Windows 7 Phone (Score 1) 93

Voice commands work pretty well on my Windows phone. "Call xxx Home" never fails. Well, actually it did fail when I first set up the phone for English UK, (I want my U in colour) but it was expecting an English accent, and wouldn't respond to my Canadian. I'm wondering how it works in the Southern US. "Y'all Call Home"

Comment Re:morons (Score 1) 2288

The are not based on the metric system. They have been, in recent times, defined as metric equivalents, but no one ever said. "Hey! I've got this great new measurement, which I'll call an 'Inch'. It's 25.4 mm." If I recall correctly, an inch was originally defined as 3 barleycorns in length.

Comment What about Child Porn? (Score 2, Interesting) 81

Let us suppose we are an image hosting site, that has in the past been used to host child porn (Think Flickr or ImageHost). By the same logic, it would then be appropriate for us to maintain copies of child porn in order to filter new uploads against it. In my opinion, the only organizations that should be allowed to retain copies of c.p. are those government organizations actively involved in policing it -- regardless of motive. So when our company gets v&, do you think they'll accept our filtering excuse? Notwithstanding that the IP laws are screwed up, It was still an illegal copy, and I feel the author's case has merit.

Political Affiliation Can Be Differentiated By Appearance 262

quaith writes "It's not the way they dress, but the appearance of their face. A study published in PLoS One by Nicholas O. Rule and Nalini Ambady of Tufts University used closely cropped greyscale photos of people's faces, standardized for size. Undergrads were asked to categorize each person as either a Democrat or Republican. In the first study, students were able to differentiate Republican from Democrat senate candidates. In the second, students were able to differentiate the political affiliation of other college students. Accuracy in both studies was about 60% — not perfect, but way better than chance."

Comment Yes. I should be paid. (Score 1) 735

Now, this is not absolute. If I have to carry the pager once a month and it rarely rings, then I don't really care. But, my general attitude is: When I leave work, I should be able to drink myself into oblivion while shooting heroin, in a plane over the Pacific. If I can't do that because of work, then you need to pay me for my time.

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