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Comment Capex vs Opex (Score 1) 124

This business model makes sense for Google since they can essentially sublease this fiber that they are leasing for more than they are paying. They can show an ROI for the investment since they will have no problem getting customers and that will pay off their fiber electronics quick enough. It often does not really make sense for most entities that want to actually use the leased fiber for their own needs as these leases represent significant opex costs, which come directly from the bottom line, as opposed to capex costs for a brand new fiber network (while though very expensive, can earn an ROI by doing the reselling of dark fibers or eliminating other telecoms costs). The end result is that Google Fiber customers will end up paying more for their subscriptions since there is a middle man involved.

Comment Bad Example... (Score 2) 312

It's a bit narrow-minded to compare any work being performed today to work that was performed 100 years ago. There were almost no knowledge workers then. Factory work was the norm. We have advanced to using our brains more which requires concentration and less movement distracting us. By all means, get up and move around more, but I think looking to the past is faulty.

Comment DAS (Score 1) 257

Even with wireless APs, you will still probably need a wired DAS (Distributed Antenna System). This is especially common for cell carriers, but works for Wifi as well, especially in steel-framed buildings. Many buildings already have these paid for by the carriers and also carry public safety, so you may have conduit already available. There are software packages out there to help with this design, but you really need to hire someone.

Comment Hire Someone (Score 1) 227

I work for a company who designs SCADA networks for water/wastewater clients. We rarely connect the SCADA network to the internet, but when we do, it takes a lot of time and money to do it right. Hire a firm who specializes in SCADA security, you can't do it on your own.

Comment Re:Windows for SCADA? WTF?! (Score 3, Informative) 214

Windows is used all the time for SCADA applications, especially in distributed control systems. SCADA applications aren't just embedded devices, they are typically a Windows server installed on a workstation that is used for the HMI (human-machine interface) used for operators to communicate with the SCADA devices such as PLCs and DCSs. Most operators would not be able to function without Windows so they can check their email on Outlook, surf the web or play solitaire. If you want to use programming and algorithms from major manufacturers, a Windows machine saves money since there are already drivers and plug-ins made for Windows machines.

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