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Submission + - Voting Machines Should Be as Secure as Slot Machines ( 2

CowboyRobot writes: "The problems with elections in the U.S. are well-known, yet we seem to need reminding every four years about how bad it's getting.
Howard Marks at NetworkComputing has an essay, pointing out exactly what we need for reliable, accurate voting:
"A valid audit trail, such as a printed ballot the voter can verify; A mechanism for recounting the printed ballots on a machine made by another vendor so the results can be compared; and An audit of the software by an independent third party to insure that the software accurately records and tabulates the voter's true intent."
He then looks at his own experience working with casinos, who would never tolerate the kinds of problems voting machines have. So why not take a lesson from gaming machines and build voting machines the same way?
"The slot machine industry is several times bigger, and significantly more competitive, than the voting machine industry. If IGT, Bally's and Aristocrat can compete for the slot market, then Diebold and Election Systems and Software can stand the same level of scrutiny.""

Comment Non-issue. (Score 0) 358

It is legal to take your picture inside a public business without your knowledge. See security camera's in nearly every business. It is legal to take pictures of the public without knowledge and no expectation of privacy by a private 3rd party. Why is this an issue at all? Seems like a huge waste of resources to me.

Comment Dynamic Braking (Score 1) 229

Forget the subway. I work for a Class 1 railroad. We haul 19,000 ton coal trains up and down hills all day long. We have four 4,400 HP motors in full dynamics down every hill. We dissipate the generated electrical power as heat in brake grid resistors. What if we had a way to release that tremendous electrical output into the grid? Thousands of trains a day all over the country do this.

Submission + - Android malware set to double says Kaspersky (

doperative writes: Mobile malware is set to at least double that of 2010 based on the number of new malware signatures detected in the first quarter of the year, says Kaspersky Lab ..

The growth will be driven by the growth in popularity of Google's Android mobile operating system, according to the firm's first quarter security threat report.

Submission + - Osama Bin Laden Dead (

An anonymous reader writes: After 10 years, the long eluded Osama Bin Laden has been killed by a "targeted assault".

Submission + - The Most Great Video Uploading Applications I've F (

stuazc93be writes: We located the most wonderful online video media application on the web yesterday by reading a blog post, their url was initially at the top of the content article and this super fast video download software betters everything I have ever on the internet before, we tested it yesterday evening and boy can this video software rock the pants off all of the others.

Cutting Umbilical Cord Early Eliminates Stem Cells 139

GeneralSoh writes "Delaying clamping the umbilical cord at birth may have far-reaching benefits for your baby, according to researchers at the University of South Florida's Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair — and should be delayed for at least a few minutes longer after birth. This new recommendation published in the most recent Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine (14:3) notes that delaying clamping the umbilical cord allows more umbilical cord blood and crucial stem cells to transfer from mama to baby."

Comment Backblaze (Score 1) 393

I have been using encrypted Backblaze $5/mo backup for my home system for a few months now. I think in the end it will save me way more money on the bottom line then a dedicated system that will periodically need updated and maintained. It is uses 2048-bit RSA public/private key system that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. For the first time I feel pretty good about my backup of all my family photos and movies.

Microsoft's Office Web Will Do iPhone, Linux, Mac 202

CWmike writes "Gregg Keizer reports Microsoft has clarified that its upcoming Office Web service will be available to users running Mac OS X and Linux, as well as from Apple's iPhone. The key to this cross platform-friendliness: Office Web will run in Firefox and Safari browsers, in addition to IE. Introduced last month, Office Web is a lightweight version of its Office suite that runs as an online service. I think it's time for Google to embrace to take on Microsoft head-on, as CW blogger Preston Gralla has argued for and described how to go about it."

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