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Comment Lockheed is not what it used to be... (Score 1) 843

The F-16 was a fine aircraft. The F-35 and F-22 have been nothing but disappointments. Neither have lived up to their billing. I think the insider bidding that Lockheed did in order to get those two contracts and the unfulfilled promises of their products should be reason enough to not only revoke the contracts, but they should pay the tax payers back (with interest) and they should be banned from future aviation contracts of this size for at least the next 3 projects. The amount of waste in military contracts and needless spending on hapless projects is insane. Wake up.

Comment Re:Ian Flemming should get... (Score 1) 212

Whatever you'd like to believe the Patriot Act, which affected many old laws, made everything that the NSA legal. Whether it is constitutional or not is irrelevant because it was never ruled on by the SCOTUS. To think that every packet that you've sent for the past 12 years hasn't been filtered in some way by some federal legal authority is naive. I can distinguish between Hollywood and the things that are happening around that. Art reflects reality. I suggest you read the Patriot Act and what is and what is not still in effect. You'd be surprised how far reaching it is. The Constitution cannot protect you from a law that alters it and hasn't been challenged. There are things SCOTUS is afraid to touch and the PA was one of them.

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