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Comment Thank god I live in Duluth! (Score 1) 240

I can drive over a bridge and be in an educationally forward thinking state and hot bed of academic progress, Superior, Wisconsin! I CANT believe this is true. DIY EDU is the future of Higher Ed and MN should be on the leading edge, not some ineffectual backwater. Here's the letter I sent to the Office of Higher Ed. Please explain how this is possible. Are you saying that , in fact, I am subject to some form of legal action if I attempt to better myself through free course offerings as a resident of Minnesota? Please explain the logic in this? Am I in violation of law by pursuing free online knowledge? If this is the case, please put me at the head of the line for legal action! I just took the Coursera MOOC on Gamification, I'm expecting the certification to arrive any day, I dont want a "coursera degree" - they DONT EXSIST! I did well in the course. It was eminently rewarding and I know that I will be able to directly apply the knowledge I gained in the course in the pursuit of my professional goals. If I create taxed income based on the knowledge I gained in the course, will the state of MN want a part of that? I live in Duluth. Should I go to Superior WI and do the coursework? Please contact me asap, I plan on pursuing more MOOC coursework and want to know if I'm breaking the law.

Comment Re:FIRST in MN (Score 2) 49

A great point! Part of what the judges look for in FIRST is how the team "markets" itself. Good teams have an entire sub-team devoted to marketing, web design, outreach and getting local sponsors. This gives "non-technical" types a away to be active and really contribute. But you are right, it's a bit illogical to give school money to a sport where very few can make a career out of the skills they develop it it.

Comment FIRST in MN (Score 3, Interesting) 49

I had the honor of being a judge at the Lake Superior REgionals this year. These kids are AWESOME! I heard a great statement, "Sport Robotics is the only sport where everyone can turn pro!" This year, students can letter in robotics in the state or Minnesota! Another fact, in MN there are 156 high school hockey teams and 154 high school robotics teams.

Comment I smell a lawsuit (Score 2, Insightful) 345

I'm from Duluth, MN and I say GACK! At one point, there was a state legislator who attempted to set into law, open document formats. Black suits showed up and ......bzzzzt! But really, does this mean I have to now own proprietary applications to view public documents? Thanks for so much you've left us Pawlenty.

Schools To Get Their Own DARPA 151

Julie188 writes "A decade ago, Lawrence Grossman, former president of both NBC News and PBS, and Newton Minow, former chairman of the FCC, proposed that the government set up a multi-billion dollar trust that would act as a 'venture capital fund' to research educational technologies for schools, libraries and museums. Congress has finally approved the idea, and grants could start rolling by this fall. Dubbed the National Center for Research in Advanced Information and Digital Technologies, it should be to education what the National Science Foundation is for science, and DARPA is for national defense."

Comment Open Source Education IT (Score 2, Interesting) 219

Hopefully this will drive a push to utilize open source in other aspects of government. Specifically secondary education. School districts across the country are locked in symbiotic dependency to profit driven computing / IT services and systems. Linux offers a robust full service option but gets NO (very little) attention from the department of education. DOE, Please support those of us who are trying to save money with open source in the schools!

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