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Comment Site-specifc Q&A, in CAPTCHA form, might work (Score 2, Interesting) 408

It seems to me that Q&A is the answer, if done properly. The key is to ask something that can only be answered if you're on the site. For example: "Next to the Slashdot logo at the top-left of the page, there is a five-word phrase. What is the second word in that phrase?"

You'd obviously need to change it up fairly often (and large sites would have problems still), but spammers would have a difficult time keeping track of answers for thousands of sites.

To make it even better, have it rotate through a few similar questions for your site, and have the questions be buried CAPTCHA-style in an image.

All told, it would seem to help. They'd have to resolve a very long CAPTCHA (117 characters in my example above) AND be on the site to get the answer. Seems like it would help.

Submission + - New tools for Google Earth, now supporting KML 2.2

mickmel writes: "Now that Google Earth 4.2 (with its support for KML 2.2) has been out for a few months, some creative new tools are arrving. Thanks to the new Flash support (Windows version only), you have things like an in-Earth message board, a nice implementation of FlashEarth inside of Google Earth, and videos of major airports (via YouTube) inside of description bubbles for those locations. They also included a hidden flight simulator, which you can combine with the new PhotoOverlay feature to create things like the illusion of a helicopter flight sim. I'm sure plenty more good hacks are on the horizon."

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