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Comment Sucks (Score 1) 121

Yea, my son is bummed they are closing it down. But I agree it would have been nice to have a "free build" area and some concept of a "family" account. Oh well. We have had a Minecraft server running on the LAN for the last few months, the graphics suck and the game is horribly buggy, but we all get to goof around together which is fun.

Comment Re:Does Being 'Loyal' Pay As a Developer? (Score 1) 735

This is good advice. But to answer your actual question posed in the thread title, not just NO but FARK NO. Be above board about the situation and at the end of the day, you are better off leaving. Even if you get a matching offer from your current employer there is a good chance they will resent it and begin moving to get out the door on their timeline not yours. If the offer is in your best interests, make the move, but be above board about the reasons and give plenty of notice. If your current employer isn't a vindictive twat, they will respect that you were honest and dealt in good faith and you won't have burned any bridges. If they are dickheads, either way the relationship is over and nothing of value to you will have been lost.

Comment Re:Haha (Score 1) 308

You haven't read 1984? The government need the excuse of a permanent war against an unspecified enemy in order to get away with most anything, making it easy to approve tax hikes, keeping operations secret in the name of state security, and keeping the citizens in place. A few decades ago you had the "Communists". Up until recently you had the "Terrorists". In a decade you'll have the "Hackers". Since they do not really exist in any tangible or organized way they can not be beaten and they are no real threat, but they are useful for scaring the population.

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