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Comment Why not magnetic? (TMS) (Score 1) 51

It's odd to see transcranial direct current stimulation instead of transcranial magnetic stimulation. Why would you rather have a current pass through your scalp instead of a magnetic field? It feels like the infomercial for the abdominal electrode belt that would give you a six-pack. This is a step backwards towards cheap electrodes that are easily marketed instead of forward toward TMS that can stimulate a wider variety of areas without mildly cooking your scalp.

Comment World's first? (Score 0) 102

I have seen a bounce house before. They're actually pretty common. Bounce houses have some rules about rough play, but can still be used by astronauts. So this is definitely not the world's first inflatable room, for astronauts or otherwise. Perhaps this is "Space's First Inflatable Room"? Or more accurately LEO's first.

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