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Comment Why? (Score 4, Interesting) 252

This has never made any sense to me whatsoever

Why do FOSS developers waste their time porting their hard work to Windows, of all platforms? Windows use have access to anything they want whereas Linux and UNIX-like users do not. Even if they wanted the proprietary crap offered to Windows users, in many cases it's not an option for us.

So... Lets make Windows even more appealing by porting the good FOSS applications to Windows? Brilliant...

Here's a crazy idea.. Why don't we just work on making VLC better for the Linux users? You know, it's firefox pluggin is a unkept POS... But yea, lets divert our attention to porting to Windows 8 (rolls eyes)

Comment Re:Apple is teh suxxor -- ? (Score 1) 712

That's kind of like 'argumentum ad populum'.

It's like asking "If AOL is so bad, why are they the #1 ISP?" ( I know, a dated comparison but still valid no? :P )

Just because a company is financially successful, does not mean their products and services are the best. Microsoft wants to emulate Apple for their surging valuation and dwindling operating costs.

Comment Get the facts straight :P (Score 0) 281

Wow, so many incorrect assumptions all over this topic.

I've read nearly all the comments and people are blabbing on about "Intel i3" this, "GDDR" that.. In reality if you took the time to look, you'd find the Wii U is actually a pretty well designed machine.

In fact, if you even read the full comments by the THQ rep. you'll see they even admit the problem is that THQ doesn't want to dedicate a team of engineers to revise their game's engine to take full advantage of the Wii U's design. The rep. didn't go into secific details, however it reminds me of the same moans and groans from the game development industry about the then-new PlayStation 3, as it also has more CPU power than GPU power at a time when games depended largely on the power of the GPU.

So, lets get some facts straight:

  • First of all, there is 2gb of DDR3.. 50% of which is reserved for the Wii U's Operating System.
  • The XBox 360 has 512mb of total DDR3 ram..
  • The PS3 has 512mb of total ram, only 256mb of which is DDR3
  • The Wii U has True 1920 × 1080 resolution support

According to Microsoft, the XBox 360 CPU is IBM's Xenon processor. The Xenon is a triple-core processor and in fact, these cores are based on the main Power Processor Element (PPE) core in the PlayStation 3's Cell processor. According to IBM (Who in fact designed or participated in the design of all 3 console's CPUs..) the Wii U's POWER7 "Watson" processor is significantly more advanced than it's Xenon predecessor.. By a factor of at least 2 or 3 depending on the package Nintendo purchased, which they've not revealed.

So what about the GPU? Well according to AMD/ATI the 360's Xenos GPU is based on their existing R520 architecture with a few R600 features incorporated into it.. Whereas the GPU AMD/ATI built for the Wii U is based on the R700 chip.. So, what's going on here? :)

Based on the facts, it would appear that the CPU and GPU found in Nintendo's Wii U are in fact better than their counterparts in the 360 and the PS3.. On top of that, the Wii U has more DDR3 ram than both the 360 and PS3 combined! What could all the fuss possibly be about? Personally I wonder if there's some gaping bugs in the Wii U's OS which is giving the entire machine a really bad rap.. Maybe with some system updates the machine's real performance could be enjoyed.
Or maybe it's that certain game development companies really are too stubborn to want to port their existing game engines to yet another platform?

I guess we could only speculate on the motivations of game devs.. We really shouldn't be speculating on hardware specifications that are easily found online, though :P

Comment Completely backwards (Score 1) 283

Wow, what an upside-down world the RIM Executives must live in.

Seriously, my wife and I have owned many different BlackBerries and our experience has been the same old song-'n-dance... The Software and Services are supurb... But the hardware is complete garbage. BlackBerries have notoriously suffered from hardware faults/failures. I can still remember the FIRST time the Trackball fell out.

It wasn't until working for an International Inventory company that I really seen the BlackBerry shine.. It's the software! The ecosystem of software and services that RIM offers was (At the time..) untouchable. Apple offered nothing even remotely like it for massive, international corporations like RIM did. Android was pretty new on the scene, too. Now the RIM execs think they should ditch the Software stack and move to Android? Uhmm... What? Shouldn't they ditch their garbage hardware manufacturing department and hire HTC, Samsung or Motorolla to make their devices and RIM load their software on them? This would also allow RIM to lease/license their software to other companies, such as Apple. Seriously the more I think about this the more I think RIM's only problem is a dire need to whipe their board of Execs and refresh it with fresh thinkers.. RIM isn't the problem, their management is! :|

Comment Critics have it all wrong.. (Score 2) 575

Oh finally a topic I have real-world experience with! :)

Let me start by pointing out that the biggest criticism against Khan Academy is a strawman-argument. Khan Academy is NOT meant to replace the classroom. In fact Khan himself has explained this. Khan started it all with a few simple videos he posted to YouTube to help tutor his Niece who was being tracked into the lower tier math class'.

Now for my personal experience... There's a LOT of bad Math teachers in Canada. In my country, you don't have choice. If your teacher is crap, oh well. He's protected by one of the nation's largest and most powerful unions and he's not going anywhere. In fact my current Grade 12 math teacher is a prime example. He visibly does not care.. If you don't get a concept, oh well. At the end of the day the entire class moves onto the next concept whether you're ready or not. In a few days you'll be so far behind it can seem pretty hopeless.

For me, Khan Academy got me from the low 60s and 70s up to the high 90s and the top of my class'. Now I'm helping the other students in class and I'm being tracked at the Academic-level ( The highest tier in our school system, which opens up the door to any College & University I want :P ) and it's all thanks to Khan! I would say the biggest difference for me when learning at the Khan Academy is Khan has a very robust understanding of the math concepts and even history. I can't learn by having some teacher hand-out a sheet with 10 formulas on it and just be expected to memorize them... I need to understand why and how or I'll never remember. Khan always does a great job of explain WHY and HOW things work even throwing in some history at times to make things much more interesting ( I.E: Pythagoras feeding his apprentice to sharks for showing that 2^(1/2) is an example of an irrational number, which could not be expressed in a nice and neat fraction... Heck my teacher doesn't even know who Pythagoras was :| )

Comment Ridiculous.. (Score 1) 161

"an attacker could take over a user's system if they are logged in as admin and they install a vulnerable gadget."

Uhh.. That's ridulous. What CAN'T go wrong if you're logged in as Admin and install/run maliscious code?
Why not just send out a patch that prevents Windows from executing code entirely since, you know, it COULD be dangerous.. :|

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