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Submission + - dBase was easy and popular. What is the current equivalent?

michaelrmgreen writes: Anyone, mostly, could knock up a simple program in dBase III. It was the most widely used language for a while. There were several competing versions. One version even ran on Unix. I still use it.

What is the modern equivalent?

Submission + - What is the new dBase then?

michaelrmgreen writes: In my small business I've used MS FoxPro Unix for years, first under SCO Xenix and serial terminals, now under FreeBSD and networked PCs. I've got the Windows version of dBAse 2, but it's a bit too complicated and restricted to Windows of course. What alternatives should I consider for creating the systems we use at work?

Put another way, what is a simple programming language which doesn't need to scale to more than a few trusted users and which isn't restricted to Windows?

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