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Comment Has Already Been In Place in Washington (Score 1) 425

In washington, there is a state wide 'running start' program which allows junior and senior high school students enroll and complete coursework in a community college and only at the community college and cast those credits back down to be accepted for high school. Running start students don't have to spend any time in the high school at all.

I went through this program both my junior and senior year and was able to get an Associate (2 year) degree as i graduated with a high school diploma in 2004.
It's a wonderful program... The last two years of high school is just ridiculous anyway. I didn't fit in, and i don't think a lot of kids do.

I was much happier at the community college where learning was the goal than at the high school where it really didn't seem that way.

Comment Re:Multifail! You get zero points! (Score 1) 265

You're right that they will lose the vast majority of their audience but from their perspective, it's the price to pay for a legitimate business with a huge brand name.

Remember that the company was bought for 8 million. For such a large brand recognition, thats peanuts.

Also remember that Napster, while not nearly as popular as it was is still profitable - very profitable. In fact, it has almost a million paying subscribers.

From a consumer standpoint, this is an epic fail but in business terms, it might really make sense.

Comment Re:in your face microsoft! (Score 2, Interesting) 324

I hate to say it, but it's likely that the dell product manager is spinning this in Linux's favor as best he can.
It seems weird that he'd want to piss off his supplier, right? I mean, why would he make any comment at all on the issue? Well, that's just the thing. When you tell your supplier that they are in less demand than they used to be, then you have some weight to throw around when it comes to relicensing.
This guy is just using the media as a pawn.

Comment Re:It's the D-Bags... (Score 1) 209

I completely agree.

I remember back in the Compuserve/GEnie days, before the internet became popular. We used to have to pay $6+ per hour to connect. I would play multi-player games, read and post on forums, and there was never any serious trolling/griefing. Then along came the internet and unlimited monthly access for a flat rate. Suddenly all the MPG's I played were filled with beggars asking for free stuff, or griefers just trying to ruin the game for everyone. Massive access to forums also caused the quality of the posts to deteriorate to simple flame wars.

You're complaining about one thing: a lower barrier of entry. And you're right. When a game is available to the lowest common denominator, it's bound to have, on average, a worse community than one that is harder to get to.

The solution is moving to a game that requires more effort. There are MMO communities out there that are harder to get into - customized private mmo servers, old muds, new muds, indie sandbox mmos, browser mmos, etcs... Any games with a niche crowd. There is no shortage of these out there.

It's not that this has ever changed. That $6/hour game was a total niche - something the mainstream wasn't interested in. Now there's a genre that takes off from those MUDs. But the games you nostalgia-ize about are still around; you just stopped looking hard enough.

The adage that the new is terrible and that the old is lost forever has failed again. It's never the outside that changes meaningfully; it's the perspective of the observer.

Comment Why doesn't this work with VNC? (Score 1) 79

The same technology underlying remote desktop or similar systems is whats at work here - send a frame buffer - raw pixel rectangles - down the wire after some compression.

Most of the compression works on the idea that the delta doesn't change to much from frame to frame so they only send data about what did change. When that isn't true, say in the case of gaming, VNC clients stop working well. Certainly, they stop working well under a 1mbit connection.

Now there are a lot of VNC technologies out there - why haven't any of them gotten this right before? How come this guy can magically do what those vendors couldn't?

I'm sincerely asking. I would think it'd be damn hard to send high quality video streams of your desktop at some constraint network capacity.

Theres three explanations: this is snake oil, this company has developed a really awesome new compression scheme, or at least something was missing from that video.

Comment Re:Performance (Score 2, Informative) 833

GP is correct, even with Easy Peasy. That distro gets horrible battery life on my eee 1000. Better is eeebuntu, but even that gets horrible battery life. I love ubuntu; I used it as a desktop for work for the last year and at home, but I installed windows xp on my recent netbook purchase after frustration with the various netbook distros. The other thing about linux on a netbook is: firefox 3 runs javascript like a dog, and that really shows up when you don't have a beefy machine. It runs javascript much better on windows because its optimized for windows. Also, flash player videos tear like crazy. Turning off some of the compiz stuff works to an extent, but flash, again, is optimized for windows. That's the reality of the linux desktop, and that really pains me.

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