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Comment 2nd origin of life means we're surely not alone (Score 1) 110

Is life on Earth a one-off? If we look at our survey of planets with life (1 planet Earth) and find life started *twice*, then that certainly means life started in other parts of the universe (N+1). Which would be an amazing discovery.

Also, does every post need to be related with Donald Trump? Can you take your abusive relationship somewhere else?

Comment Oh, hello prison. (Score 1) 229

This is absolutely stupid op-sec.

Do you want to be held in custody until you release the keys? What if you don't have the keys?
You'll end up in prison, in a country where you have no rights.
Click the "Security Button" to "feel" secure. Because that's what you're asking for.

Comment / are down (Score 1) 264 has browser DNS issue. has a cloudflare dns issue. I'm in Austin TX on Time Warner Cable.’s server DNS address could not be found.


Error 1001 Ray ID: 2f571286803458cd 2016-10-21 19:21:26 UTC
DNS resolution error

Submission + - How the Web Became Unreadable (

mirandakatz writes: If you've found yourself squinting at your computer and wondering if your eyesight is starting to go, fear not: you're probably just suffering from a design trend. As computer screens have achieved higher resolution, web design has trended toward paler, lighter-weight type that often doesn't meet accessibility requirements. At Backchannel, web developer Kevin Marks breaks down the history of this trend, and offers an impassioned plea for designers to go back to the typographic principles of print: keeping type black, and varying weight and font instead of grayness.

Comment If forced to choose between yes and no... (Score 1) 233

... how can it not be a case of the 5th amendment protections? If forced to choose between using the correct finger, or using a finger that will lock the phone, how can this not be a case of self-incrimination? This seems like extreme legal antics to ignore the fact this person has been accused of a crime, without sufficient evidence to prosecute on it's own merits.

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