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Comment If forced to choose between yes and no... (Score 1) 233

... how can it not be a case of the 5th amendment protections? If forced to choose between using the correct finger, or using a finger that will lock the phone, how can this not be a case of self-incrimination? This seems like extreme legal antics to ignore the fact this person has been accused of a crime, without sufficient evidence to prosecute on it's own merits.

Comment Thanks for asking (Score 1) 403

I've always thought they were odd here. The ones I have watched were good. I like interviews with interesting people. Usually I visit /. to spend a few minutes scanning the news. So watching a video is a greater commitment than I'm looking for. Video is really hard to do well, and I've been tricked by too many spam videos.

Comment Java JRE has had a cert for years (Score 1) 123

The Java browser plugin infected millions, loaded bloatware, and generally has been a nuisance for years.

It eventually was blacklisted from browsers.

Let's not pretend SSL certs were supposed to do things they're not. You can be certain no one is imitating the malware site. And that's all a SSL cert means.

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