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Comment Flash isn't just for videos (Score 1) 657

The main advantage to flash on mobile devices is to be able to create applications with all of Adobe's tools and have them run on the device. Flashtime is a good example. It is a p2p voip service developed through Adobe AIR. Just thinking about flash for video isn't what the advantage is and the OP missed that.

Comment I call BS (Score 1) 218

Simple Question: Who is the 13th president of the U.S.? If I didn't have a computer with Internet, I wouldn't know. Why? Because I'm not going to go to the library. Go to some card catalog system, sort out the cards until I find a title that may have a list of presidents. Use the Dewey Decimal System to find the book and flip the page. Let's look at the internet way. Double click...type 13th president... enjoy.

Comment Hash? (Score 1) 578

If it is just a description of the fingerprint, wouldn't it be like a hash. You can verify that the person is indeed who they claim to be (you are clocking in), but they won't be able to frame you for murder, because they can't produce a fingerprint from the description. This seems just like a hash to me.

Comment Older, more established? (Score 5, Informative) 273

By jaysonelliot on Aug 6, 2009 (on TFA) "Older, more established Kindle?" The Kindle was released in Nov. 2007 - the Sony Reader was released in September 2006, and was based on the nearly identical Sony Libre which had been on sale in Japan since early 2004. As of December, the Reader had sold 300,000 units in the US alone, while the Kindle was trailing behind at 240,000. I believe you meant to say "â¦the newer, less established Kindle."

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