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Comment Do they really have time for this? (Score 2) 40

I'm surprised that Mozilla has time for this sort of thing. I would think that trying to make a Chome clone would keep them busy all the time. Hell, on top of that they seem to be actively going against the wishes of their community. That has to take a lot of time; they have to figure out what would keep them in the game and then do the opposite.

Seriously though, Mozilla has destroyed itself in the past three years. It is depressing. I don't want to use Chrome because Google..hell, IE is starting to look pretty good.

Comment Re:Obligatory knee jerk reaction (Score 1) 747

Yea, more likely to die from a bee sting because we vaccinate against it. Statistically, you are more likely to die from measles than a bee sting if you haven't been vaccinated against measles. These stupid douches are endangering their children's lives; it is child neglect/child abuse and they should be prosecuted as such.

Comment Re:Followup from OP (Score 1) 89

Just based on the fact that the situation involves a former Rear Admiral should be able to open doors for you. Such a person would have had a lot of useful associates. If you could manage to contact that circle of people, you would likely find many people that are happy to help. You could name the tower or facility after him and put of a plaque talking about his career and life. Us military types usually eat up that kind of thing.

Comment Re:Just start the war already! (Score 1) 498

Although drawing comparisons to the thirties is overdone, this is a rare case where it makes sense. It is coincidence that I have been rereading "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich" in the past few weeks, but it is impossible not to draw parallels between the history of the Sudetenland and the current situation in the Crimea.

Comment Re:Groovy ... (Score 1) 236

I think that you are looking at this in an overly negative way. Going to live another place isn't the same as going somewhere to die despite the similar actions taken. Someone going to a small colony on Mars would be no different from Polynesians crossing oceans or people packing up and moving across the continent in 1800s. Leaving behind an old life is not the same as throwing away your life.

Comment Re:Pointless (Score 1) 333

Right, there is no point in questioning and no point in fighting. If we little peasants make too much noise our lord will come out of the castle and put us to the sword. And I don't know about these other guys, but my life isn't too bad, working the fields without anything else in my life.

Comment Re:Relevant to how I spent my day (Score 1) 1215

Sadly not practical for my particular scenario as the entire purpose of the computer is for watching that stuff, but you still make a valid point. However, the problem is that we, people, are inherently lazy. Dual booting is more "work" and most people aren't willing to put up with that.

I'm not saying that linux is deficient here. It is just a chicken and the egg problem; the majority of users won't consider migrating until the random niche program they use is available and such programs won't be created until enough demand is there.

Comment Relevant to how I spent my day (Score 0) 1215

I spent about twelve hours today getting ubuntu up and installed on my new computer and then promptly removing it and installing windows 7. Although the installation was long and painful (thank you, OCZ), once it was up and going I was very satified with it. It looks much better and works much better than the last time I had tried some form of linux (three years ago). Of course, there is still the constant requirement to go to terminal; although that is fine by me, it is still a major barrier to wide spread adoption.

My decision to remove it and go back to windows came from windows software. This computer being HTPC rather than for gaming, I figured I wouldn't need anything windows specific, but I found out better soon.

A tiny app. Open source even - but only available for windows. And it is the stupidest little thing - all it does is automate downloading anime and updating a website. That one thing killed what otherwise would have been one more box running linux.

I find it all rather humorous. Linux has come a long, long way, but even the smallest "problems" will turn away users in seconds.

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