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Submission + - British Plans To Detain Citizens In Supermarkets

Number 6 writes: Strange but true, the BBC is carrying the news that the British government hopes to build holding pens in shopping malls and supermarkets for detaining citizens suspected of committing crimes and to capture their fingerprints and DNA. Also included in the proposals is the recommendation that DNA and fingerprints be taken for speeding tickets and other petty offenses.
Red Hat Software

Submission + - Red Hat launches virtually unlimited Enterprise

Robert writes: Linux distributor Red Hat has launched version 5 of its Enterprise Linux offering, including a new Advanced Platform version that enables users to run an unlimited number of virtual operating system images. The company had considered delivering a new package alongside the former ES, AS and WS versions that would enable unlimited use of the operating system on XenSource hypervisor technology, which has been rolled in to version 5. Instead it has decided to offer unlimited use on its top of the range package, much as Novell Inc's decided to do with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, which was released last July. The company has also decided to get rid of the ES, AS and WS versions.

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