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Comment Re:I'm familiar with this material (Score 1) 148

I find it ironic that .\'s appeal to usefulness all over the place (see tired, failed dialectical Marxism), but then drool over getting their free/stolen episodes of GoT, FPS's, which are often full of half dressed women.

What is the utility of these things? Isn't this just hedonism with a varnished facade of ideals?

Comment Re:Good, but... (Score 1) 432

You are the one injecting politics.

When Andrew Jackson kills a bunch of Native Americans, it's just "corrupt politicians" doing bad things. Never mind the D next to his name. Or the D next to Spitzers name or the D next to Al Gore's name or the D next to Edwards name or D's next to the people who turned up dead after WikiLeaks. If the economy started improving a couple years ago (i.e. more than the pathetic 2% growth its been maxing at), would you be saying, "Oh, yeah, it doesn't matter who gets the credit..." I highly doubt that. The media is careful to make sure everyone knows Nixon was a Republican but not Reagan (who was voted best president of the centure in 2000 btw).

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