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Comment bogus ranking of civilizations (Score 1) 279

Ranking civilizations by their ability to use the energy of the stars?

What about anti-matter? What about exotic sources of energy that aren't understood very well yet (like dark matter or black holes or time space)?

And how is it that the VOLUME of energy usage relates to the level of civilization? That's like saying whales have larger brains so they have better lives than humans or are on a higher level or whatever.

And you know what? What if the people there are stuck in 1970's technology but are happy in a way that is entirely impossible to empirically measure?

You have to really be living in your parent's basement to care about things like this. Another example is the consortium of nuclear alarmist scientists or whatever.

Comment they want to help like the other helpers (Score 1) 341

For too long the FBI has sat back and watched as other agencies have been helping without them.
The IRS has been helping people to realize what are acceptable political views.
The DHS will soon be helping protect our voting process as well as an outcome that is favorable to them.
NASA has been helping to reach out to muslims.
The EPA has been helping write laws without Congress, and helping to "crucify" people who don't comply with them.
The NEA has been helping raise awareness about the benefits of the Affordable Care Act.
There have been a number of cases where the police have helped strangle unarmed people lately.
So good for the FBI! Helping us understand our emails and forward the details to the other helpers in the federal government.

Comment solution (Score 1) 394

If they dismantled the FDA the government couldn't stop more affordable options from popping up -which is what happened with the epipen situation.

Private F&D monitoring and rating agencies would pop up like expedian and the other private credit reporting agencies ... except they wouldn't be funded out of your back pocket on April 15th like right now.

Also if you were dying and needed an experimental drug you could just enlist yourself in a trial.

Comment Re:Age or Wage Discrimination? (Score 1) 194

The insurance company doesn't charge more money for older workers.

That's why small companies have to pay more because the insurance companies assume smaller companies have older people.

As the companies get larger the insurance companies charge them a lower rate under the assumption the company isn't bilking them on the age thing.

And everyone at the larger company gets cheaper health insurance.

Comment thanks for helping! (Score 2) 44

All of these radio stations run by ordinary people risk filling other people's minds with information that might not come from properly educated sources.

The people running their own radio stations might not care about noble tasks like keeping officials in office for example. In fact, I bet they tend to overlook important things like that all the time!

The Chinese are a little bit ahead of the curve, but we're making incredible progress here with the IRS helping people to realize things like the correct party to vote for, NASA outreaching to external communities that can help us (muslims), the FBI only pursuing criminals that aren't going to have them killed under mysterious circumstances, and BLM for helping us understand which ethnicities matter.

It just goes to show how dangerous freedom is and how we all need to become completely dependent on the government. Even if everyone's lives individually get worse, well, society and the Public are collectively better!

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