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Comment Re:why would you play video games in hawaii? (Score 1) 262

Going down the path of "I'd rather be a hedonist than fake my way through life" ... Nietchze seems more interesting to me than Proust, although ultimately it sounds like they went down the same path. Part of it was that Nietchze wasn't gay and he was able to summon and address classical milestones. Also I like how categorical Nietchze is in his tone while despising philosophy. If you're just looking at their profile (which is basically on the surface), Kierkegaard and Proust are comparable, but I expect that to change over time.

Comment transparency of the mind (Score 1) 288

From a transparency of the mind perspective: this is like saying the garbage in the dumpster outside some businesses are at a different level than the garbage outside other businesses. While true, it is garbage.

The truth about life is anything you do not choose for yourself really has no meaning. Consciousness cannot tell you who you are. Identity is something someone has to push out into the external world. You can't consume it passively like vitamins.

Consciousness is like a mindless frankenstein monster. It just stumbles around moaning until it gets directed into a created meaning. Sartre, Kierkegaard, and Nietchze understood this.

Comment Re:different approaches (Score 1) 238

That is invaluable feedback. Thank you!

I'm going to chew on that for a while. I see indicators of a lot of the things you're suggesting. My buddy at Microsoft says they're using Apple hardware with NodeJS.

I've wondered about stocks. I've seen many, many people fail at that and wondered at my odds there. Sounds like there is a path on that.

Again, thanks!

Comment Re:different approaches (Score 1) 238

Interesting. I hear so many conflicting things on this, I'm not sure what to make of it.

At the moment I'm doing expensive SW development consulting in .NET (that pool of clients usually has more funding) at 35 in Raleigh/RTP, NC / US. I see some devs older than 50 in the consulting space. We have 2 - 3 between our firm and our biggest client. Hoping my BS and MS with many certs will keep me in the game for a while. We will see.

Management is a major hit or miss. When I tried it with my last (small) company it really, really stunk.

Very curious about how hard it is to get remote work (toptal, etc). Doing some Node practice stuff on the side in case I have to go on my own, which I hear is terrible. Thinking about learning mainframe stack.

What's your lay of the land for your region/stack/age?

I totally agree about the increased lifespan. There are so many clinical trials for completely unrelated ways of extending lives. And people are buying CRISPR kits for less than $100. Genetic life extending treatments are a $20 million industry and vastly increasing.

Comment Re:Taxes are for dummies (Score 1) 903

What got Romney was targeting independents and moderates.

He got a majority of independents and still lost the election.

What Carville, Rove, Conway, and Axelrod all showed was the path to the White House goes through playing to the base (Rove was the first of that group, and he did it extremely effectively to re-elect W). The last successful campaign to target moderates was Bush 41, which basically ran on the fumes of someone who played to his base.

A large portion of Americans are conservatives and a large portion of Americans are democrats. Pick one and go with it.

Comment Re:different approaches (Score 1) 238

Public policy just sounds like a lot of fancy talking to me. Doesn't seem to slow down the age discrimination in SW development land.

At immediate issue, I think the pay differences between sexes is largely commensurate with the interest/commitment/motivation each person has with respect to the other interests in their lives regardless of sex. But when it comes to caring about people, the world is the Mos Eisley cantina.

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