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Comment Re: So... rather than not doing what pisses them o (Score 2) 72

Full disclosure: I am a pro-American American.

Good points on EU economy/population volume.

On the industrial size of Germany's output you have wandered quite a bit there. Up until recently GM was the largest car manufacturer in the world (since WW II). This changed because line workers in Detroit were making a lot more than software engineers. They couldn't sustain that for long just because we won WW II.

But US based manufacturing wasn't surpased by Germany. It was Japan.

I'm not sure which country makes the worse cars, but I do know Volkswagen and Chrysler have historically been very unreliable, poorly made cars. I think they've both improved somewhat in the last 10 years.

Germany's challenge is they're not really competing with the world market.

Comment Re: Marriage (Score 1) 266

It's becoming fashionable to label churches that only marry hetero's as bigoted and full of hate.

Homosexuals aren't just pushing for the ability to legally practice homosexuality. They also want to be socially validated for their views.

I don't see why I have to tell anyone homosexuality is OK.

Or any other practice.

Comment Re: Marriage (Score 1) 266

Raising children is more of an accomplishment and service to society than anything any government has ever done in history, today, or at any point in the future.

Your equivocation between straight and homosexual couples raising children flagrantly disregards any sense of practicality or morality.

I have a gay acquaintance who personally told me gay people should not be allowed to raise children. I'm not sure which of the many, many reasons he had in mind when he made this claim to me, but please respect that homosexual guy enough not to slam the door in his sensibilities there.

Many statistics have show that the average homosexual relationship is incredibly short. Months. Weeks. That is no place to be raising children. I would never want to be raised that way. Are you saying you would?

Comment piece of cake (Score 1) 1124

Make it so the spending doesn't start until years from now, but we start paying for it right away.

That way it can pass in reconciliation because we can say, "Hey! Over an X period of time it is solvent."

Our descendants can pick up the pieces later or start riots when it all fails. They have some options there.

Comment Re:It's Heartbreaking you're not in Jail (Score 1) 482

"You do realize that polls are tools that the media uses to influence the people?"

Ah ... no, I don't think I realized that.

I think you are a little swift to refer to the people who disagree with you as idiots, and if I had the time to get to know you I'd probably suggest you are better than that.

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