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Comment public information is fair game (Score 1) 348

When the East Anglia Institute refuses to respond to FOIA requests because they couldn't hide the decline in temperatures it is de facto / de jure legit for hackers to extract whatever they can get their hands on.

In the same way if a subpeona is issued for Hillary to hand something over and she lies and says she gave it all over, then let the hackers go at it.

42% of voters say their biggest issue of concern is federal corruption!

Comment Re:This changes the hacks (Score 1) 430

The son of a KY state senator (democrat) hacked into Sarah Palin's email. He published her username and password around the web, but he never published any sketchy material about her or any nuggets that could be used by her opposition. Why not? Did he have morals that prevented him from distributing damaging material about Palin while not have the morals to send out her username password? Could it be there was just nothing there?

Al Gore with the East Anglia Institute breach and Hillary Clinton with the Wiki leaks never denied the terrible, terrible claims that were hacked (although in the DNC's case it was an inside leak ... that's why 3 DNC officials were murdered and Schultz was let go within a week of the leak).

The simplest explanation is that Clinton and the democrats are criminals who are rigging the election, that (as Podesta said and other staffers confirmed) Hillary hates ordinary people, and that Hillary wants open boarders.

If Hillary wants to keep it a secret that she wants open boarders, she shouldn't mention it in a SPEECH !! Where was the outcry about Mitt Romney's privacy when he mentioned to a small group of donors that the 48% moochers of this country will never vote for him? The only thing I heard from the Left was how terrible it was Obama did bring this up until the 2nd debate.

Comment Clarification (Score 1) 244

Did anyone see that article on here the other day about Americans working 25% more than Europeans?

Btw, this further confirms my theory that our accomplishments in space go down as the number of countries forecast putting targets in space.

People in the 1960's had a different mentality when they put someone on the moon. Everyone (globally, including Americans) have really mushed into a pile of fecklessness since then.

Comment Re:Military (Score 1) 275

What about the case where thieves and would-be aggressor nations decide it is too insignificant and pitiful to waste space resources on attacking or capturing? Perhaps this is what has protected us from extra terrestrials ...

There are a couple "nations" out in international waters (reclaimed WW II gun platforms, giant ships, etc) that could easy be conquered by any navy, but aren't.

Boethius' story of poor people whistling through the thieves' forest, etc.

Comment Re:Get IT Security credentials (Score 1) 813

It's becoming faster to get a security clearance. I'm not sure this still applies.

I hear about companies on government contracts that still try to have Russians do their software development. I hear about the ones that get busted.

I've heard about older IT/SW workers that can't get clearance jobs even though they have a clearance cuz' reasons.

Might matter a bit to some companies, though ... hard to see in their heads.

Comment AI will help (Score 1) 121

AI will help identify where the people who hold counter revolutionary views are, so they can be taxed differently.

Currently it takes a lot of manual effort from the IRS to pin this down, and other departments have to ask them about it. This is also a nuisance since it is technically against the law. AI will just make it that much more efficient.

Once the public warms up to reeducation (or even maybe calling it that openly) we can close the loop.

Comment Re:Can't see any (Score 1) 145

Your soul is your ideals. Your understanding of how life is supposed to be.

Your spirit / ghost is your relationship between your body and your soul.

If you don't live out your ideals you are (literally) unspiritual.

The relationship between the spirit and itself as it relates to itself is the "self".

It's all in Kierkegaard. Nietchze describes the spirit similarly (although he came later).

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