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Comment Re:maybe but when the batteries go bad it can (Score 1) 198

Reminds me of how the Soviets kept tabs on Chernobyl, cheaped out submarines, and imposed starvations.

In glorious Soviet Union less than 60% of deaths are directly from the hands of the government.

Whether or not people prefer to live in this glorious land is arbitrary, subjective, capitalist pig, counter-revolutionary drivel.

Comment parity with smoke from other SV companies (Score 1) 258

Facebook is going to cure all disease in a matter of X years, so now Microsoft has to at least claim it will solve something comparable in comparable time.

Just like the Enlightenment promised to perfect society, and Obama promised the sea levels would begin to decline.


*Cough* *Cough*

Comment central planning at work (Score -1, Troll) 272

Once you take the profit motive out and allow centrally planned offices to remove the research redundancy and the creativity of committees to combine in these controlled ways ... there is no limit to the disasters you can accomplish.

Don't forget the importance of having everyone on the engineering team educated in public institutions.

Comment other tasks (Score 1) 129

Since the government is also monitoring our emails, maybe we could send robots out to help people write their emails? Help them know what is okay and what isn't, etc.

And since DHS wants to control all the voting machines, maybe we can send the robots to help that get going and stop people from voting for opposition candidates.

And since the IRS is charging taxes based on political views, maybe we could send robots out to vote on behalf of other people or take the guns away from people who don't have the correct political views?

And maybe the robots can help the EPA "crucify" people?

And maybe the robots can help NASA with their muslim outreach?

Maybe we could use the robots to help the NEA popularize the Affordable Care Act (i.e. Obamacare)?

Human life is too precious to be doing these things (like making choices, etc). Robots should be doing those things. Government and robots can work together to protect us!

Comment Re:Businesses don't pay taxes (Score 1) 45

AC's comment could be taken in 2 very different ways:

Supply side: If a company is taxed more it just raises its prices. Customers are really paying the tax.

Progressive: a bunch of lobbyists run around and get special tax shelters and loopholes. (Although the companies that do this the most donate to progressive causes, e.g. Google, General Electric, Apple, etc).

Frankly both of those are true to some extent.

By Econ 101 he was saying you fundamentally understand nothing about economics if you don't know that.

Comment Re:Blame Someone Else (Score 3, Insightful) 424

America takes a lot of derision from other countries because we tend to focus on individual freedom/responsibility.

At least compared to other places.

The suicide part ... that was ultimately her decision alone. If someone "forces" you to commit suicide, it's not really a suicide.

Comment Re:and before too long.. (Score 1) 399

I'm a little surprised to see liberal slashdot job raise on their shoulders the post of someone who claims job losses are good.

I doubt Hillary would make that claim in the debates, because I think that would be a tough sell. As much as I would never vote for her, I give her points for being shrewd as I aspire to be.

Luddites and Marxists have traditionally tried to sell us on how income equality will somehow create jobs. Perhaps this is a Millennial adaptation to a generation that has lost interest in working. I see the same posture in the White House's response to the ACA job losses as a benefit because people are being "liberated" from the hardship of working. It sort of puts the abortion argument (that it dignifies people with the ability to work) on its head, not that that was really ever a genuine intention.

Setting aside my personal reluctance to get fired, a big problem is the task of sustaining all this. What if everyone stops working? Great that we are all more fit (not quite convinced on that, but stranger things have happened), but who is going to make the stuff we want and provide the stuff we need?

To answer this question with the news has anyone seen the cost for a dozen eggs in Venezuela is now $150?

Right, I know it's the right wing rag, the LA Times.

Eggs cost that much there because people can now just live off the government and no one wants to be bothered with the trouble of keeping chickens and harvesting their eggs. Keep in mind Chavez died with $2 billion -so much for the desire to redistribute money to other people (unless you are describing a way for the government to redistribute to themselves).

So I am going to go out on a limb and say unless the job is thievery or prostitution (portrayed as pioneers of sharing), the government shouldn't be trying to stop it.

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