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Comment Re:Unlike Foxconn (Score 1) 387

Blaming the economy on Bush 8 years after he left office. The fact that growth has never exceeded 2% during Obama's tenure should tell you all you need to know about that. "Stopping damage" is not an accomplishment. It should be growing.

The stocks are a LEADING indicator, and 19K happened after the election. Before that my broker told me not to even bother putting money into stocks before the election. Think about how crazy that is ... a guy who makes money for a living investing my money told me to send it somewhere else outside his portfolios. That's what the stock outlook was.

Comment please believe this, Democrats! (Score 1) 272

I want the libs to think most Americans are really on board with the 2% growth, dysfunctioning healthcare system, open borders but weren't able to really speak because of some oddities in the system and hacking.

I want the libs to run another candidate just like Hillary. Maybe Warren. Or Sanders. Next time the weirdness won't happen, guys. It's right around the corner!

Obama told Hillary to concede, and she did ... but they should look beyond all that to make it easier for the GOP in 2020.

Comment Re:Steve Bannon, not a racist? (Score 1) 805

What ?? Most racism in the US during the 18th - 20th centuries was against black people who were already living here.

In fact -since you refer to textbooks- that is exactly what I read in my text books when I was a boy. But, hey, I didn't get my education from google doodles like the kids these days.

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