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Comment Re:what it is becoming (Score 1) 164

Erm.. didn't Paul create MAPS to explicitly provide - and later monetize - the RBL? Wasn't the RBL a "directory service"? Didn't it map IPs to policy-based information?

MAPS was created to stop spam. Monetizing it was a late necessity due to the need to pay lawyers, but I'm still down about USD 1.0M.

We mapped IP's to policy based information, using DNS to deliver that data. All DNS responses issued by our DNS servers were absolutely factual in the policy they expressed.

Comment Re:not only Verisign (Score 2, Interesting) 164

actually i can have it both ways. i was a co-founder and was the first board chairman of nominum, and i still have many friends there. they know exactly how i feel about typosquatting. their product is smarter and tamer than others i can think of, but i still complain to them about it. i'm happy to be able to advise them on other matters.

Comment carl is the *original* transparency advocate (Score 1) 35

a decade or longer before it was fashionable to decry the lack of transparency in government databases, carl was out there creating technology and deploying content to prove that what should be done also *could* be done. as a brass knuckled visionary carl could give us the kind of open government that everybody likes to talk about these days but few know how to build. carl also has the executive, financial, political, and administrative experience to pull this off. like the sign says "if you don't like the news go out and make some of your own" ... or just hire carl malamud as the next head of the GPO. --paul vixie

Comment poisonous disinformation and ignorance (Score 2, Insightful) 120

i know of forms of poison that do not involve the authority section at all.

i know of servers with no BIND code inside that were poisoned by kaminsky.

i know of valid configuration changes that depend on NS RRset replacement.

is this a troll of some kind? as slashdot lead articles go, this one shows unusually high disinformation and ignorance.

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