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Social Networks

Submission + - Most Influential Twitter Users Revealed (insidescience.org)

SciNye writes: a new ranking system that measures a tweeter's influence — how often his or her followers click on a posted link and then repost, or "retweet", it to their own followers. The goal is to figure out which voices on the social networking site not only stand out from the crowd, but spread ideas throughout that crowd.

Includes a list of the Top 10 Most Influential Users


Submission + - NASA Set to Launch Solar NanoSail into Space (inhabitat.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Earlier this year the Japanese space agency successfully deployed and used a solar sail to propel its spacecraft Ikaros, and now NASA announced plans this week for its own solar sail mission. This fall it will launch the NanoSail-D into orbit 400 miles up with a Minotaur IV rocket. Once deployed, it will orbit for 17 weeks, proving the technology and allowing astronomers to snap lots of photos.

Submission + - Identification, abstracting, meaning (blogspot.com)

yuriyg_ua writes: Growth of information volumes becomes one of main problems of contemporary computer world. This article considers the way in the past to this situation, but also proposes the solution. Key feature of this solution is to solve problems of identifying, abstracting, and meaning. The solution implies creation of new level of abstraction over user level, and of semantic protocol over HTTP. Such measures should hide computer-dependent information (file names, menu, dialogs, URLs) and converts such information into identifiers (natural language words, numbers, symbols, etc), which could be recognized by humans. Given approach is necessary, because an user should search for information (not for files), utilize application functions (not menus and dialogs), use words and clauses (not URLs).

Submission + - 40 Windows Apps Said to Contain Critical Bug (computerworld.com)

CWmike writes: About 40 different Windows applications contain a critical flaw that can be used by attackers to hijack PCs and infect them with malware, says HD Moore, chief security officer at Rapid7 and creator of the open-source Metasploit penetration-testing toolkit. Gregg Keizer reports that the bug was patched by Apple in its iTunes software for Windows four months ago, but remains in more than three dozen other Windows programs, s. Moore did not reveal the names of the vulnerable applications or their makers, however. Each affected program will have to be patched separately. Moore first hinted at the widespread bug in a message on Twitter on Wednesday. 'The cat is out of the bag, this issue affects about 40 different apps, including the Windows shell,' he tweeted, then linked to an advisory published by Acros, a Slovenian security firm.

Submission + - Apple patents remotely disabling jailbroken phones (patentvest.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Apple today applied for Patent to allow remotely disabling "unathorized usage" of iphones. While the patent application covers using the camera to take pictures of the unauthorized user and using the gps to determine location, it also includes determining whether the phone has been jailbroken, and allows the carrier or any other "authorized" party to disable or restrict the functionality of the device. Are this hidden claims Apple's latest tool to thwart Jailbreaking?

Submission + - Bazaar next-generation source control system

IndioMan writes: Bazaar is used to produce the Ubuntu Linux distribution, which is an enormous software project with thousands of components. If you're using a UNIX or Linux system, chances are that your distribution offers a pre-built Bazaar package. Bazaar is flexible enough to accommodate Subversion — a centralized system and Git — a decentralized system. This article introduces you to Bazaar's many appealing features.

Submission + - $83.9 Million to Expand ICT in Healthcare Delivery (idgconnect.com)

An anonymous reader writes: ICT is poised to improve efficiency and administration across the health industry. There is real money behind this. Recently the US Federal Government announced an allocation of $83.9 Million to expand the use of ICT in healthcare delivery. This should improve operational effectiveness and clinical quality for networks of health centers. The future of technology and health care are inextricably mixed...

Submission + - SPAM: Nokia C1

An anonymous reader writes: The Nokia C1 is an economical Dual SIM mobile from Nokia that houses a small key on its large keypad to switch between two SIMS. One may choose to use the one that is needed.The design of the phone is simple and durable. Its large color display is of 1.8”, gives resolution of 128X160 pixels and displays 65k colors.It works on S30 software platform. It weighs 72.9 g making it a light weight handset and the dimensions are in the figures of 107 x 45 x 15 mm, giving it a chick look. The colours available are Medium Blue and Red.
Link to Original Source

Submission + - Mutt Gmail Labels and contact suggestions via IMAP (h3manth.com)

hemanth.hm writes: No matter how many E-Mail client are released, the power of Mutt remains unbeaten
IMAP or POP3 ?!This has become much a religious war like the Emacs vs VI. With most of the ISP's facilitating the users with both the protocols and POP3 with few additions like "Leave messages on server" and "until I delete them." or "archive them" is making the battle more violent. But with the fundamental principle and enormous response from the majority of Mutt users IMAP and Mutt goes very well together.

Comment I see a few minor problems.. (Score 1) 454

this would perhaps try to start the car by routing power to the starter, but if the car is newer than ~10 years old, it would probably have a car alarm and an immobilizer. Since the immobilizer would still be in effect there would still not be any power to the fuel pump and the ignition so the engine wouldn't start anyway, and since the car alarm would also be active it would probably go off. Bummer, eh? And besides, if you have a stick-shift car (manual gearbox) you'd better make sure it's in NEUTRAL before placing the call (and that the parking brake is engaged). Oh, and you'd better hang up after the first signal because otherwise the starter would engage every ~5 seconds or so. Not very nice to the engine. I think commercial aftermarket systems are a little safer. There are car alarms with these functions built in.

Submission + - A sneak preview of new OpenOffice 3.2 (linuxcrunch.com)

omlx writes: The last developer milestone ( DEV300m60) of OpenOffice.org has been released. The next version of OpenOffice.org 3.2 has more than 42 features and 167 enhancements . The final version is expected to be available at the end of November 2009.
Many companies have contributed to this version like RedHat , RedFlag and IBM, making OpenOffice more stable and useful. I couldn't stop myself from seeing new features and enjoying them. So I downloaded DEV300m60 version. After playing with it for many days I could say that OpenOffice developers have done very good work in it. Well done !
  A sneak preview of new OpenOffice 3.2 : more secure , faster , easier and more international.

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