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Comment Depends on your employer... (Score 5, Insightful) 765

Quitting without giving notice is rude. That's all, just rude.

If your employer has been reasonable and supported you with things you want (perhaps flexibility in hours, or training), then two weeks notice is only the polite thing to do.

If they've been extorting god-awful amounts of overtime from you, perhaps with the ever-present threat of being let go for no reason at all, then a little rudeness isn't out of place.

Comment You know what flashing a BIOS secure? (Score 4, Insightful) 59

I liked it better when I had to move a jumper before I could flash the BIOS in a machine. That was really quite secure against post-shipment BIOS modification.

Of course, I also can't think of the last time I flashed the BIOS in any of my systems, which makes me wonder why the hell we ever got away from ROMs in the first place...

Comment I would advise against it (Score 1) 262

And the reason I'd give is 'I don't think I can trust you'. Because that's what this comes down to - you have NO idea who these people are, really, and from what I've seen of school related software (I've got two kids in one district, and my wife teaches in another), most places selling to schools hire the people who underbid the lowest bidder.

Comment That's a terrible summary (Score 4, Informative) 35

Proper summary:
The SLP buyout of Dell has been found to be underpriced, and SLP will have to make restitution to those who opposed it.
TRP doesn't get any of that money because they screwed up and didn't register as opposed to the buyout.

I've no idea if it's reasonable that SLP has to pay out to those who opposed the buyout.
It's perfectly reasonable that TRP gets nada, since they screwed up their end of things.

Comment Didn't want one... (Score 1) 507

But given all the other things I wanted (refresh rate, price, size, etc) I ended up with a Samsung unit.
I tried using the app features - as a whole are a remarkably poor experience. The network connection takes about two minutes to become active after powering on the TV, so if you want to use, say, the Netflix app, it's WAY faster to fire up the XBox 360 and use it there.

The ONLY smart-ish feature I use on the thing at this point is the USB connection - it turns out that the XBox 360 won't read from an NTFS filesystem (really, M$?), but the TV will, so for > 4GB video files, the TV is the only thing (that's already hooked up) that will do the job.

I need to experiment and see if the TV will work normally if I take away it's network connection - I'd just as soon NOT have it doing stuff on the network unnecessarily.

Comment Re:It happened to my parents... (Score 1) 506

And while I'm sure someone would say "well, it's their own fault for using older tools", bear in mind that not all development projects are targeted at current hardware and some development tools are proprietary to the companies who own said hardware, leaving no alternatives.

You don't even need funny hardware to get into this realm - if you've got regulatory hassles, changing tools may be an EXTREMELY expensive proposition (try several months of re-testing expensive). There's a LOT of us out here who can't change tools on a whim - even if the tools are free, the work in documentation alone might consume man-months of time.

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