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Comment Re:imprisoned indefinitely without trial (Score 1) 805

Well, my dear Rei, had your reading comprehension been up to snuff, you might have noticed that the English-language version of the Prosecution authority website confirms my summary of the case - but of course, it fails to mention the connexions between Mr Borgstroem and Ms Ny, which are widely known to those of us who have followed the case here in Sweden, nor does it bother to mention why the case was transferred to the so-called 'Prosecution Development Centre in [Goeteborg]', when the events alleged to have taken place occured in the Stockholm region. But given that you can only seem able interpret evidence in a manner that confirms your prejudices, it is probably supernumerary to suggest any course of action to you. Were I, despite this fact, to do so, I'd suggest that you might want to consider beginning with a course in remedial reading, in the unlikely event that the temporal window for such a course to have any effect on your abilities hasn't closed long ago.... Henri

Comment Re:imprisoned indefinitely without trial (Score 1) 805

Perhaps, Rei, it might be a good idea to do a smidgeon of research before posting. Mr Assange has never been tried before a court here in Sweden, not once, much less twice. The case against him was dismissed within 24 hours by a chief prosecutor in Stockholm - the venue in which the acts were alleged to have taken place - but after a political intervention, the case was moved to the prosecutor's office in Goeteborg and placed in the hands of a chief prosecutor who specialises in sexual offenses and who just happens to be a close friend and colleague of the lawyer, Claes Borgstroem, who represents the two plaintiffs. The chief prosecutor has been unwilling to take testimony from Mr Assange in the UK, despite several offers to do so and despite the fact that the taking of such testimony has been done before and is hardly unknown in Swedish jurisprudence. Moreover, the offense of 'communicating with an enemy', referred to in the article above, clearly indicates that WikiLeaks is regarded as an 'enemy', which surely entails Mr Assange, as the organisation's leader and founder, also being an 'enemy'. That the charges against the analyst were, in the end, dismissed, as no evidence could be found that she had conveyed any information to WikiLeaks, is irrelevant here ; the point is the designation of the organisation as the 'enemy'. But you knew all that already, didn't you ?... Henri

Comment Biased statistics, limited domain (Score 1) 169

Pity that Tech Crunch has chosen to refer to comScore, which notoriously overestimates the market share of Microsoft products, in this article, which obviously deals only with search-engine market share in the United States. If, instead, we look at StatCounter's statistics, we can see that worldwide, Google is sailing along at over 90 % with no discernable dips, while neither Bing nor Yahoo! make it up to 4 % ( According to the same source, in the United States, Google commands over 80 % of the search market, while neither Yahoo ! nor Bing reach up till 10 % ( Henri

Comment Re:TFA? (Score 1) 129

To my mind, describing Chrome/Chromium as 'user-hostile' is a tad exaggerated ; the browser is indeed customisable and allows one to choose from thousands of add-ons. The only thing preventing me from using it as my default browser is the fact that no option to create a side panel in which, e g, can bookmarks is offered....


PS : Opera was, if I remember correctly, the first browser to pass the Acid3 test....

Comment Forgetting the 'paper' ?!! (Score 1) 508

Perhaps those who have little or no Chinese should be careful about reproducing putative translations of Chinese phrases - 'tibiwangzi' (unfortunately, this site does not permit the Chinese glyphs to be reproduced) says nothing at all about paper, but rather means '[after]lifting the pen, [realising that one has] forgotten the glyph (character)', which makes much more sense in this context. As to whether the Chinese (and the Japanese) should adopt a phonetic alphabet, this debate started about 150 years ago and was most intense during the first half of the last century ; as far as I know, the subject is no longer current....


Comment All hail Monsanto ! (Score 1) 414

Weren't we told that these organism are perfectly safe - that they would never survive in the wild ? Is Monsanto, which has made a practice of suing farmers who inadvertently found patented organisms - what a farce ! - growing in their fields, going to sue the state of North Dakota for allowing these organisms to grow in cracks in their highways or in ditches along the sides ?... Henri

Comment ESA and the other partners (Score 1) 88

are going to have to force the United States to realise that the policy of denying the Chinese access to the global effort known as the International Space Station is bankrupt. Like it or not, the Chinese possess both the scientific and the economic muscle to play an important role in humanity's attempt to jump out of our gravity well, coupled with a burning desire to do so, and we can no longer allow the vagaries of US foreign policy to hinder them from contributing to this task.... Henri

Submission + - Judge biased in The Pirate Bay case ? ( 1

mhenriday writes: "(In Swedish). Swedish Public Radio's channel 3 presents evidence that the judge, Thomas Norström, in the recent first-instance trial of the four Pirate Bay founders may well have been biased due to his active participation in several organisations supporting the motion picture and recording industries' view of intellectual property rights, together with legal representatives from these industries who participated in the trial itself. This may require that the case may have to be retried in the court of first instance...."

Submission + - Bamboo laptop (

mhenriday writes: "They're making a bridge that can support an 8-tonne lorry from bamboo, so why can't ASUS package a laptop in the grass ?"

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