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MATLAB Can't Manipulate 64-Bit Integers 334

An anonymous reader writes "MATLAB, an important package of mathematical software heavily used in industry and academia, has had support for 64-bit machines for several years now. However, the MATLAB developers still haven't gotten around to implementing even basic arithmetic operations for 64-bit integers. Attempting to add, divide, subtract, or multiply two 64-bit integers will result in an error message saying that the corresponding method does not exist. As one commentator put it, 'What is the point of having numerical data types that can't be manipulated?'" The post notes that the free MATLAB clone GNU Octave deals with 64-bit integers just fine.

Comment Re:HUMINT SIGINT (Score 1) 131

If Iran is truly threatening to "nuke" Israel, then they will stop doing so the moment they actually acquire their own nuclear capabilities

Israel is so small that it would be relatively simple to dessimate the non-Islamic population centers without necessarily worrying of a considerable reprisal; what would Israel target, after all, Iran's central governing cities? (Which would be emptied, likely, before an attack.) Their non-central cities? (Where it is known, especially in Israel, that many people are more liberal--more 'live and let live'--than in the countryside which supports the Iranian regime?) What does one do on a sub when one's country has vanished, nuke or move-on? Nuke to show 'you shouldn't mess with [that which no longer exists]'? I'm probably looking at this too simply, I'll grant you, but again, 'Israel ain't big', and more importantly, 'one needn't target all of it, just certain population centers'.

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