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Journal Journal: New preferences?

Has anyone noticed a change in the display for the homepage? Has slashdot just brought in a new set of preferences - it sure looks like they have to me...

If so, what do you think of this - an improvement?

Just wondering...


User Journal

Journal Journal: 1541 Drive

Just read "Network23"'s comment about making music on a commodore 1541 drive - and I agree with his statement - I feel old too when other people are remembering doing this with a printer in 1997 or what ever... At least its reassuring to know that some tricks don't actually change alot - using electronic devices to make music in silly ways has been around for a while.


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Journal Journal: Account Abuse 4

I've finally found a reason to post in my journal.

Really, its just a reference to a post that I made in slashdot.

From what I can see, goombah99 and slashnot007 are the same person, and slashnot007 seems to ask to have goombah99's posts modded up rather more often than you would expect from chance?

So, what does everyone think? Is this a fair tactic, or should it be banned?

Just wondering,


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