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Comment Re:Definitely a low flying rocket... (Score 1) 81

Besides the ancillary wheels to make this a "car," consider the equally-ancillary driver in the cockpit. I cannot think of a good reason to have a person onboard, beyond creating a (very real) element of danger.

The driver very much drives it. See this on-board video of Andy Green (who will also driver the Bloodhound) in the Thrust SSC.

Comment Re:I had the exact opposite experience (Score 4, Informative) 285

As an online instructor of math and physics, I agree completely. If you're going to do it right, it takes a big investment of time. Also, since our class sizes are no more than 15 students, they get a lot of individual attention, probably more than average in a traditional classroom. The training our institution requires prospective instructors to go through makes very clear that it's not an easy way to make a buck. I've been told only about 6% of applicants make it through the process. Now without doubt there are some bad online instructors and there are schools whose priority it is to crank as many students through as possible, regardless of whether they belong there, but don't get the impression all online education is like that.

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