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Comment I'm not an Apple Watch owner, but I play one on TV (Score 5, Interesting) 359

I bought my wife one at release. She is a big Mac user (iPhone since the iPhone 3, 4th Macbook, 2nd iMac) and although I wasn't sure about it, it seemed like a good present (it's jewelry AND tech.!). She has really tried it out as a USER, but it's a bit too difficult to really get into some of the features. She does like the health monitoring, but it really doesn't work very well at that. It doesn't seem to get her heart rate right much of the time, and it is vastly off base with her steps (it seems to totally not understand an elliptical). The ability to answer the phone is kinda ok...and she does use that occasionally, but with integrated bluetooth in her car, which would be the one time she might really use it, it ends up not being needed. She wears it only occasionally, and we may sell it. She does really like the butterflies.

Comment How does what you write connect to what happens? (Score 2) 637

In my totally completely unbiased opinion, I think that everyone should have a basic understanding of how computers actually work, from the ground up. A little bit of basic logic (and how that is implemented in hardware), introduction to low level programming (assembler) and using C to make hardware DO something. From there just keep moving on up until you get to Java. Learning operating system functions and why they are important (handling I/O devices, memory management, process and thread management, etc.). All that stuff helps you understand what you are doing, and potentially give you insight into how to debug it.

Nothing is more frustrating than arguing with someone about some computer bug/problem when their argument/explanation is provably impossible, based on how things actually WORK.

Comment Just use this and your problems fade away... (Score 2) 441

Use use a variant of this script. You may need to run it multiple times (three seems to work) -- we automate that as well (using Symantec/Altiris Deployment Solution), but that part can be done in various ways. It makes the need for Service Packs a non-issue for automated deployments, and much less of an issue for everyone.

The main problem is that if you don't use WSUS the script appears to only install Windows Updates, not Microsoft Updates. I haven't figured out how to make that work...but it mostly doesn't affect us, as we DO use WSUS, and the script retrieves all WSUS approved updates.

Comment Re:Small business (Score 1) 2115

As a small business owner I can say that this is a commonly sited but incorrect assumption. For S Corp. or LLCs, hiring a new person would reduce the net income for the company owner, thus reducing the taxable income. Taxing the profit on an individual (business owner) should have no bearing on hiring -- in fact, it acts as an incentive to invest your profits in expansion of the company through hiring or other deductible expenditures.

Comment Videographer is now in hiding... (Score 1) 190

If you pause the video at around 0:42 you can get a fairly good picture of the guy filming this in the reflection on the screen. I have heard rumor that Apple has sequenced the several seconds that his image appears and have created a pretty good image of the culprit. Monitoring of the various clandestine networks across Asia and the Middle East have uncovered price tags in upwards of six figures for his capture and delivery to Mr. Jobs himself.

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