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Comment Matt Strassler perspective (Score 5, Informative) 269

Some interesting perspective from Matt Strassler, who's a particle physicist at Harvard.

He points out that this is still an *indirect* observation of gravitational waves (and not the first one) and that the results look sensibly in line with some predictions from inflation. And that while this is a tremendous experiment, it's not any kind of "smoking gun", and we really need to wait for replication to get properly excited.

Comment Re:GPU Programming is a PITA (Score 1) 473

I'm still trying to find a way to use the GPU for computations without having to jump through crazy hoops to do it. Also, multithreading in general is often a PITA to get right...


It still seems like it's really hard to write maintainable, extendable code that does parallel execution in anything more than a trivial way (break up a calc into independent pieces with no interaction).

Does anyone know if there's been any interesting work on new language paradigms for this sort of thing? It feels like the community is waiting for some kind of change in semantics that'd make this easier for the bulk of developers who aren't parallel execution gurus. Like object oriented coding was for the ability to scale code by developing intelligible interfaces: not something you couldn't do with earlier paradigms, but it made it easier.


Submission + - Magician suing for copyright over magic trick (arstechnica.com) 1

Fluffeh writes: "Teller, the silent half of the well-known magic duo Penn and Teller, has sued a rival magician for copying one of his most famous illusions. The case promises to test the boundaries of copyright law as it applies to magic tricks. A Dutch magician with the stage name Gerard Bakardy (real name: Gerard Dogge) saw Teller perform the trick in Las Vegas and developed his own version — then started selling a kit — including a fake rose, instructions, and a DVD — for about $3,000. Teller had Bakardy's video removed with a DMCA takedown notice, then called Bakardy to demand that the magician stop using his routine. Teller offered to buy Bakardy out, but they were unable to agree on a price. So Teller sued Bakardy last week in a Nevada federal court."

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