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Submission + - Password management best practices

mgemmons writes: "I am currently on a team developing web-based applications that will be used in theater my military personnel. One of the issues we are looking at right now is how to manage password expiration and account locking due to too many failed login attempts. This is a well documented design pattern for most secure systems, but becomes more difficult in this case because personnel will not usually have email access. So, the typical option of allowing a password reset by sending a new password via email or some other email related solution does not work. One option we've considered is moving to a securecard based authentication system.

What are some other authentication methods that can be used for password management?"

Submission + - NASA Schedules First Live HD Streaming from Space

mgemmons writes: NASA, in cooperation with Discovery HD Theater and and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, is featuring the first live HD downlink from space. The 30 minute segment will be broadcast from the International Space Station and will air on Wednesday, November 15th at 11:30am EST on Discovery HD Theater. The broadcast will use a Sony HD 750A camera and custom broadcast hardware known as the Space Video Gateway. This will be the first time that live, high-definition video is streamed from the Space Station to the ground.

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