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Comment Re:What's the appeal? (Bingo!) (Score 1) 243

I can't speak to the experience of living in NYC as well as you, having never tried it. I've visited and been fairly impressed, at least with everything other than the century or so of grime on every building.

That said, there's a lot to be said for those of us living in the hinterlands (also known as "places beyond the Hudson"). I'm here in Upstate South Carolina, which is noticeably different from Upstate New York, which does not begin at Poughkeepsie! The labor rates are certainly cheaper than in NYC or surrounding areas, but then, so is the cost of living. The lovely three-bedroom split-level house on two acres with a backyard pool that I own here would easily have cost well over 10 times what I spent on it, had I bought in or around NYC. Yes, we have our drawbacks: there's nearly no public transportation here, the arts scene while vibrant is still extremely small, and we have to travel long distances to see most great live entertainment (musicals, opera, what-have-you). Still, to wake up in the morning and see a family of deer slowly wending their way across my front lawn, while munching on the shrubbery that I've been too lazy to prune anyway, more than makes up for it.

Comment Re:Commercial exploitation of the Moon (Score 1) 121

"although a solid argument could be made that it may have been more than coincidence that the economy fell part when prohibition was passed and it recovered when it was repealed."

Well, sure, except that you have your timing wrong. Prohibition was passed in 1920, and repealed in 1933. That period saw the boom period of the Roaring Twenties, mostly as a result of rampant stock speculation, and most of that without any significant research into the actual value of the stocks being traded. The crash of October 1929 launched the US and the rest of the industrialized world into the Great Depression, from which we didn't recover in the US until around 1940. Other parts of the world didn't recover until after WWII ended.

So yes, your argument would make sense, if only it weren't incorrect.

Submission + - Recommendations for bluetooth equipment? (

mforbes writes: I'm looking for recommendations for a new bluetooth headset. I have three absolute requirements:

1) Must be stereo (I use my headset to listen to podcasts, music, etc, on my Android phone.)
2) Must have a boom mic (My voice doesn't carry well, and when I've tried to use headsets with hidden mics, the people on the other end of the line often can't hear me.)
3) Must be either on-ear or over-hear (I can never keep ear buds in place, and every pair I've ever tried has been either uncomfortable or downright painful. My ears just aren't the right shape for them.)

I'd like to keep the price under $100, but I don't mind spending up to twice that for gear that's a better fit for my requirements.

Comment Re:This will fail - because Apple only does UI (Score -1, Offtopic) 276

...its competitors, Microsoft and Google, are quite good at it... <snip> ...they're better than everybody.

It's time to turn in your /. card, jpmorgan...

(Yes, I used the power of the deleted word, but I didn't change your meaning-- I just had fun with it! As a matter of fact, I agree with you & if I had mod points & hadn't already commented on this thread, I would've mod'd you +1 insightful. Since I don't & did, I decided to crack a joke instead)

Comment Re:why do geeks think Bing has failed? (Score 1) 276

I've tried Bing a couple of times, when the results I needed weren't within the first few pages of returns on Google. I'd say the results were almost comparable.

OTOH, any time I need to information on Microsoft's own site, I find myself going to Google, entering my search time, and inserting the "" tag at the end. All because I've found that MS can't figure out how to index their own bloody site. Now tell me, if they can't index their own site, why would I want to trust them with search in general?

As always, YMMV.

Comment Re:Thermodynamics (Score 1) 187

Yes, but this also means that the poor (at least in the US) would finally have a leg up on the rest of us. Where else can you most often find people blasting their car stereos at 125db and vibrating every window in a 2km radius, but in the slums? (Trust me on this one. I live in a not-well-to-do neighborhood, and am seriously considering building a device to hit those jerks with EMPs.)

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