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Comment Re:It does not matter if you see it as manipulatio (Score 1) 158

Yes and no. I actually finally get your point but further thinking has brought up some points worth mentioning to you. The site I linked previously does bring their own angle but it is entirely irrelevant on the versions put out there by WikiLeaks. The blog actually has the edited version posted and any observations are made based off of that. It is not the access to the unedited version which brings the blogger insight and understanding of the events, it is simply his experience and understanding of such situations what eventually comes out through his analysis. That is precisely my point. WikiLeaks managed to decrypt a military encrypted video because they have access to highly educated people. The same people that have the understanding to know that most normal people watching that video would simply see a massacre happening. Guess what?... there is a lot more going on with a lot more variables happening, just not to the plain eye. Instead of putting the highly educated resources they posses in action to properly explain the events in the video, WikiLeaks simply twists the story around and pushes for martyr/noble angle to get the most exposure possible. The same techniques used in movies, the same techniques that work. You are giving WikiLeaks credit for releasing the unedited version as if that was their goal. The reality is that the unedited version was nothing more but simply the means to their existence. There is more to WikiLeaks than what you read here, go to their website and download the 3.1Mb containing thousands of torrents links. You'll find photos of Steve Jobs medical records claiming he has HIV, images of Scarlett Keeling death autopsy, photos of the love parade stampede in Germany and so on. You haven't gone to Wikileaks website nor have you seen the videos, nor have seen the thousand of articles they put out there... I ask... do you really know what you are talking about? or are you simply making very good arguments based of your high capacity to make them?

Comment Re:It does not matter if you see it as manipulatio (Score 1) 158

I read your comments and I can clearly see that there is a person with an elaborate mind. Yet, besides the sparks of seldom wisdom I also feel like you haven't explore or investigated the issue to the detail as you could. Either you are a wise/experienced person who is talking about a topic he hasn't fully explored based on the reliance that you are making broad generic assumptions? or you are just simply limited/lazy and arrogant maintaining and repeating the same point of view just because you can? Yes they released the full unedited version... so what? how does that matter in the real world? 80% of the people saw the skewed version.

Comment Re:It does not matter if you see it as manipulatio (Score 1) 158

You are making more assumptions again. Unlike you I have gone to WikiLeaks to know that both videos are available right next to each other. I also know that almost everyone clicks on the first one and not bother to see the second (full version). You keep bringing up the fact that because my argument can be applied to other news organization I have no validity in bringing this up? I don't get that train of thought. Not because a drunk can point at other drunks means one can't say something to him about his problem.

Comment Re:It does not matter if you see it as manipulatio (Score 1) 158

Pointing out that other media outlets do the same and edit stories too does not defeat the argument that if WikiLeaks would simply release the information as found their credibility would improve. Yes they released the unedited version, so? only 1/5 of the people saw it, the rest saw the side WikiLeaks wanted them to see. Here is the analisis of the video done by a military guy who claims to have 4500 hours viewing aerial footage of Iraq:

Comment It is manipulation (Score 1) 158

The edited version of Collateral Murder has 10,840,454 views. The full version of Collateral Murder has 1,981,488 views. Which of the two got viewed more and ultimately influenced people's perception of this event? The edited version starts with a photograph as an introduction of the Reuters journalist Namir Noor-Eldeen, the driver Saeed Chmagh and also a photo of his son crying. Later while the actual helicopter footage is playing they are highlighted again with an arrow and text "Namir w/camera" and "Saaed w/camera" respectively. At no point do we see an arrow pointing at the guys next to them saying "Bad Guy w/rocket launcher" or "Bad Guy w/AK47". Most people will miss this because like myself I was too distracted reading the text next to the good guys. Wikileaks should have release only the unedited 39min footage because that is the truth. They can add all context in the description of the video if they want. To actually edit the footage down to 15min, add 3min of human context and to highlight one sided aspects of any conflict is... manipulation of information.

Comment Re:I dunno (Score 1) 237

I didn't risk anything and still felt majorly shafted

OK, so it looks like you saved the damsel in distress and then she married the other guy... oh well. Saving her was still probably the right thing to do. Alleged Bradley Manning had two choices. 1)To leak the documents to the public himself and be the face responsible for everything. 2)Give someone else control to leak them and try to use them as a shield. If the two paths in-front of you look like an old rope bridge across a precipice and jumping rocks over a lava river, I suggest be happy with whatever decision you make, stick with it and do the best you can. Thinking that you should have taken the bridge option while your feet are melting in lava is not going to help you. The risks are high, the variables are out of your control. Accept that, be happy and move forward... or simply turn around, shush and comply with the non disclosure agreement.

Comment A little concerned (Score 4, Informative) 186

I was born in Mexico City and lived in Puebla for 23 years, now I've been in the US for 6. Since I just found out about this I had to read a few more articles on the web. I'm going to say that I'm somewhat concerned. The media in Mexico have concentrated mostly on the scientific aspects of the telescope and also talked about the benefits it will bring to the community. Examples of these are:

1) In the search of the ideal place to build the telescope it was required to do meteorological studies which can be used to know with detail the water distribution underground of regions such as the state of Puebla. These can have positive repercussions in the use of water in the future.

2)It will be necessary to build a rode or highway that will reach the peak of Sierra Negra, one that will be useful for the population of communities like Texmalaquilla.

3)The construction of the telescope will provide of new jobs, many of them to people who live in close communities to Sierra Negra.

4)The need of high tech communications for the LMT (Large Millimeter Telescope) may lead to the result that close by communities will benefit of a modern phone system, maybe based on fiber optics with access to the Internet.

5)Besides local impact, the LMT has already began the development of microwave laboratories and other type of technologies such as the measurement and production of high precision surfaces.

The high altitude is strong point of Sierra Negra for astronomical purposes but at the same time is a weak point since human work is affected because of the lack of oxygen. It is a sure thing that dorms will be installed at lower altitudes such as it occurs in Mauna Kea, Hawaii. It is probable that the telescope can be remotely operated without the astronomers need to climb higher than 3,000 -3,500 meters.

The media talks about this project as the most important achievement in the scientific history of Latin America and internationally as the biggest instrument of its kind. Last time I've hear a sales pitch like this one I was in high school and they were talking how great NAFTA was going to be. Sold as the first step into becoming a first world country. Now 13 years later we've got a disappearing middle class.

The main source I'm quoting is originally in Spanish written in 1997. I did a fast translation of it. As of now 90% of the construction has been completed and should be operational by the first quarter of 2006. I will now try to research what has actually happened and if this telescope has helped Puebla or not. I have relatives still living there and I will ask them what they have heard. I will post any significant findings for those that are interested in any type of followup.

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