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Comment Re:Why many turn to piracy (Score 1) 620

Another reason to pirate games/musics/movies is because you'll have to buy it each time you'll change something.

Let's say I bought N.O.V.A. for my Android Phone 1 year ago (5$) .... tomorrow I decide to change my mind and to change my phone for a iPhone so I'll had to buy it again (+5$). Yeah !!! I got my new Freebox Revolution and decided to check the Freestore.... What ? 5 bucks again (+5$) ? 15$ the same game with just some little tweaks.

Movies ? Same shit ! You go to the cinema to see the most epic movie ever done : Titanic (8$, ouch) ! And you buy the Director's cut DVD (You're MASOCHIST ! +50$, ouchouch). Now you have to buy the bring new "Titanic BlueRay Uber-Space-Version" with 30% more action, tears, sperm and DRM ! (Let me spank you... +50$, triple-ouch)

It's the same for music : You buy it for your CD Player, for your iPhone, ...

It is so difficult in digital world to let us enjoy our goods on all past and futur devices and charge us only the REAL price of the modifications ...
So ? So I buy it once, and I pirate it as many times as necessary to get it work on my different devices.

Comment Re:That's Cheating!! (Score 1) 395

Near-to-infinite number of conditions mean they are predictable, they just immeasurably hard to predict.

Just a little fix : I mean small differences cause yield widely diverging outcomes, but "yield widely diverging outcomes" is predictable !

Planck length : Because of the tininess of the Planck length (about 1020 times smaller than the diameter of a proton) there is no hope of directly probing this length scale in the foreseeable future.

If something goes below Planck length, it's not predictable because it disapear (simplfication) ?
Things are (probably) predictable. I talk about an hypothetical situation, nothing provable as is, but it's not impossible.

Comment Re:That's Cheating!! (Score 1) 395

for a sufficiently chaotic system true randomness does exist.

Chaos is based on this theory : Small differences in initial conditions (such as those due to rounding errors in numerical computation) yield widely diverging outcomes for chaotic systems, rendering long-term prediction impossible in general.

This theory is really interesting but, in this case, you believe in "impossible" ? Near-to-infinite number of conditions mean they are predictable, they just immeasurably hard to predict.

I'm not a specialized in this kind of brain's food, maybe you got some reading for me to show me where I'm wrong.

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