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Comment Re:Musk still claiming that review was "false" (Score 1) 167

The logs were never released. Seriously, where's the download? Instead, a summary chart was released. They have not, meanwhile, released any recordings of Broders several calls to Telsa support to discuss the fluctuating range indicator. Tesla makes nice cars, but they are not being transparent.

Comment Re:Musk still claiming that review was "false" (Score 1) 167

When he left the last charging station the car very clearly stated that it would not be able to reach the destination.

... because Tesla support told him, via phone, that the range indicator was unreliable below freezing, and that "range" would return as the battery warmed. They were right - the range improved - but not enough to get to the charger. You'll still filtering the story down to support the PR version of events.

Funny that Musk has declined to release logs of those phone calls.

Comment Musk still claiming that review was "false" (Score 2, Insightful) 167

The fundamental claim that Musk put out -- that the reporter intentionally drained the battery, and that the towing was faked -- has been completely disproven. The reporter used the car in non-optimal user behavior, and the car failed. This is entirely legitimate reviewing, and Musk called him a liar. '

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