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Comment So who is trying to manipulate Apple's stock price (Score -1) 78

Really? Who and how much is apple paying in bribes to keep this story in the news? Does anyone but the most devout apple fan boi think any of this nonsense is true? The more it is harped on the more absurd it becomes. Apple fan bois don't need convincing and anyone who has a fundamental knowledge hardware just rolls their eyes. Physical access is Root access.

Comment Re:Oh this is easy .... (Score 0) 394

Well I'm not as old a codger as some of these folks who replied. I really hate it when people are on my lawn though. I do squeak in with a 5 digit ID. I got a full house too. Irritatingly I have bad Karma whatever that means. I guess I'm not a loved /.er because I don't slather crap all over this "social media site" YAWN, Oh well I'm going back to sleep I'll post again in another 10 years or so...

Comment This is a silly place for this conversation (Score 0) 368

Here goes, I got my first programming job in a machine shop over 25 years ago. Today I'm a dumb fat and happy cad guy in a construction company who also manages the companies pathetic yet effective network I built for them long ago (think last century). I make an ok living and am paid a fair wage. Bottom line is I came up through the trades. I have done some high flying exercises over the years including lots of start up crap when the money was hemorrhaging during the dot com days in the late 90's. Just in construction as an example there is this thing called David Bacon. Without going into the merits or detail what it fundamentally does is mandate minimum wages on work performed on any federal construction project. A typical rate is around 40$ per hour. Oh and did i mention overtime? A typical apprenticeship is 4 years at which time you are to be paid on a graduating scale for each year. So at age 22 or 23 a typical "journeyman" tradesman is knocking down 80K gross (before overtime). To add cream to their coffee they aren't dependent on "workers" to bail them out (pun intended) when their toilet stops up. So yeah the mayor has a point. Not everyone has the aptitude to actually "work" but, for those who do the compensation can get very "real" very fast. Oddly enough there are always jobs out there for the hard working talented ones...

Comment rediculous (Score 0) 182

the point of interest in this product is its fundamental principal that it is open. so some dimwit comes along with 10 mill and say hey ill steal that idea and get rich. well uhm no. you will burn through 10 million and make i'ts present organizer very comfortable (i don't blame him a bit either). next door the rap rip will pick up where they left off. if he thinks he can steal rap rip's new effort then i suppose they will have to deal with the wrath of of the contributors to the new forked project who i am sure are at least loosely related to some lawyers some where. this is proof that you do not have to be smart to have money. note to investors: open source is not a playground for capturing, stealing, and exploiting the work of stupid altruists...

Comment out of desperation? (Score 0) 289

what you sympathize with this turd? so i suppose you luv all the pharmaceutical and phallus expansion spam you get in your mailbox every day too? I have had some hard times but, have never gotten so desperate that I thought that I was entitled to do whatever I felt was the easiest way to steal money from someone else. if i had resorted to such action i sure wouldn't want anyone's sympathy and my view of anyone that did sympathize wouldn't be that they were compassionate, it would be what a sucker and it is too bad i didn't steal from that chump. pathetic!

Comment Just one more thing to make slashdot irrelevant (Score 0) 2

I don't care why you morons think that this is a good idea. Your moderation system is bullshit and the moderation is so fucking predictable that it bores me. The same idiots keep getting moderated to 5 and, no matter how cogent a response is if it doesn't fit in with the pc bullshit philosophy that this site is inundated with you get modded down and your karma goes to shit. So I finally get one last chance to vent and then I guess its 'fuck slashdot' forever. I browse anonymously and have for a long time. There is no point in trying to participate in this petty little circle jerk that has become slashdot anyway. Look at my id number I am no newbie here. This site used to be a must read. Now it plaint bullshit populated by a bunch of left wing morons that think that they are somehow smarter than the rest of the world. Truth be told they are a pack of intellectually lazy brainwashed assholes that have this "group think" thing going that is simply ignorant. Being intelligent isn't enough you actually have to apply that intelligence. You also have to exercise critical thinking skills for that brain power to be worth shit. Now that you have trashed the site even further I don't even have to bother to scan this crap at all. How far VA Software has sunk into the abyss of shit. What once was the history making highest flying IPO in history has degenerated down into a group of piss poor retards who's sites suck in comparison to oh say facebook. So congratulations on the new look you marketing driven morons and feel free to fuck my Karma up further since it doesn't mean shit anymore anyway. Besides I can't imagine logging back in anytime soon and, I sure as hell am not going to log in just so I can unfuck your default settings.


Google Announces "Open Phone" Coalition, No gPhone [Updated] 225

Ponca City, We Love You writes "USA Today has an advance story on Google's plans to announce a new operating system, geared specifically for cellphones with partners that include Sprint, Motorola, Samsung and Japanese wireless giant NTT DoCoMo. Although details won't be released until later today the new G-system will be based on Linux overlaid with Java and Google hopes to have a branded device ready for worldwide shipment by spring. Mobile Web browsing is notoriously slow and Google plans to change that by providing easy access to the Internet at PC-type speeds. Google plans to basically give away the software developer tools, used by programmers to write new applications. "If you're a developer, you'll be able to develop (applications) for the new Google Phone very quickly," said Morgan Gillis of the LiMo Foundation. AT&T and Verizon Wireless are noticeably absent from the coalition not wanting to support a device that favors Google over other providers. Sprint, the No. 3 carrier, supports the coalition, but it hasn't formally agreed to make the Google Phone available to its 54 million subscribers." Update 1727 GMT by SM: It's official, Google is releasing the mobile "Android" OS in place of the Google branded mobile phone that many expected.

Carnegie Mellon Wins Urban Challenge 153

ThinkingInBinary writes "The results from the Urban Challenge are in! Carnegie Mellon's Tartan Racing team came in first (earning a $2 million prize), followed by Stanford's Stanford Racing team in second (earning $1 mil) and Virginia Tech's Victor Tango in third (earning $500k). Cornell's Team Cornell, University of Pennsylvania and Lehigh University's Ben Franklin Racing Team, and MIT, also finished the race in that order."

Ultracapacitors Soon to Replace Many Batteries? 415

einhverfr writes "According to an article in the IEEE Spectrun, the synergy between batteries and capacitors — two of the sturdiest and oldest components of electrical engineering — has been growing, to the point where ultracapacitors may soon be almost as indispensable to portable electricity as batteries are now. Some researchers expect to soon create capacitors capable of storing 50% as much energy as a lithium ion battery of the same size. Such capacitors could revolutionize many areas possibly from mobile computing (no worries about battery memory), electricity-powered vehicles, and more."

Recreating Cities Using Online Photos 87

Roland Piquepaille writes "The billion of images available from a site like Flickr has stimulated the imagination of many researchers. After designing tools using Flickr to edit your photos, another team at the University of Washington (UW) is using our vacation photos to create 3D models of world landmarks. But recreating original scenes is challenging because all the photos we put on Flickr and similar sites don't exhibit the same quality. With such a large number of pictures available, the researchers have been able to reconstruct with great accuracy virtual 3D model of landmarks, including Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris and the Statue of Liberty in New York City."

DIY CPU Demo'd Running Minix 313

DeviceGuru writes "Bill Buzbee offered the first public demonstration of the open-source Minix OS — a cousin of Linux — running on his homebrew minicomputer, the Magic-1, at the Vintage Computer Festival in Mountain View, Calif. The Magic-1 minicomputer is built with 74-series TTL ICs using wire-wrap construction, and implements a homebrew, 8086-like ISA. Rather than using a commercial microprocessor, Buzbee created his own microcoded CPU that runs at 4.09 MHz, and is in the same ballpark as an old 8086 in performance and capabilities. The CPU has a 22-bit physical address bus and an 8-bit data bus."

Cell Phone Jamming on the Rise 942

netbuzz writes "It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone either, as the number of inconsiderate dolts who yammer away oblivious to the disruptions their yapping is causing those around them continues to rise. Pocket-sized cell jammers are becoming a hot item, while proprietors of restaurants and the like look to defend themselves as well. Yes it's illegal, but given that the rudeness is pretty close to criminal as well, it's unlikely to stop any time soon."

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