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Comment Re:Hah! Take that, my bank! (Score 1) 497

Well they technically did give feedback, the text input field in html had the character limit.
I didn't notice it was truncated when typing - easy to miss as text box had characters beyond the max displayable characters. They probably were hashing probably a designer just put the limit on the text box.
The input field in the login page did not have the same limit.

Comment Re:Hah! Take that, my bank! (Score 4, Interesting) 497

americanexpress was the worst, the 'Set password' page input field was limited to the maximum number of characters however the 'Login' page was not.

So if my password is: 'myreallylongpassword', it would appear accept my password. But it would be only only use 'myreallylong' as input.
When I go to login and enter 'myreallylongpassword' it took the whole password as input and denied me access, since it didn't equal to 'myreallylong'.

I went through quite a few password resets before I figured this out.

Comment Blackberry (Score 1) 214

I have not looked into the spec - but I'm sure my blackberry stops ringing when I take it out of my pocket (not holster), pick it up or start shuffelling around in my bag for it. I have previously thought 'is this accelerometers or the ir detector' (same one that turns off the screen when i've got it at my ear).

Maybe I'm just imagining it, however my thoughts were that it would be fairly obvious to use accelerometer for this job. Not exactly a 'whack' but a marked change in accelerometer patterns of movement shortly after ringing starts, which would include a whack.

Comment Re:Its all about latitude... (Score 1) 202

I haven't heard it referred to as lattitude but I think you are referring to dynamic range. For a sunset scenes where it is pretty much static this can be acheived with a tripod and multiple exposures taken seconds apart. This is quite a popular technique referred to as HDR photography. The remaining issue is how to display the captured data. LCD monitors are generally 24bits per pixel. The tone mapping required is a bit of an art to get right - there is plenty of software that can be used for this.

Comment Windows not 100% either on that hardware. (Score 2) 780

Intel Thunderbolt drivers are particularly poor - not supporting hot-plug in windows yet.
This is not really a problem with the hardware itself just Intel/Microsofts priorities are not aimed on thunderbold, considering it isn't on that much hardware at the moment.

How would you then expect that it will work immediatly on linux - where typically the developers don't get pre-release hardware or even specs.

Comment Re:Paid for (Score 2) 398

What I'm dreading the most is remote desktop (or other remote access).
1. sometimes the windows key is not forwarded to the remote machine - brings up the local start menu. If I'm using windows 8 then my whole desktop gets cleared out for the metro search. If the remote machine is running windows 8 I'll have to figure out another way to bring up the start menu search equivilant.
2. if it is a slow connection, clearing and re-drawing the entire desktop area every time I need to open another app twice - once to bring up metro and again to go back to the application I just started.

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