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Comment Re:At least 10 years too late. (Score 1) 525

People that make comments like this typically have no concept of how automotive engineering works or how long it takes to design cars on existing platforms, let alone new technologies and architectures. GM, Daimler, Chrysler, and BMW have had a joint R & D centre set up for a LONG time now in Troy, Michigan where they have been developing hybrids. While Honda and Toyota may have beat them to market on a couple models, nobody is as pervasive as the Detroit Three when it comes to the variety of hybrid vehicles offered today, and they're just getting started. Looking at the average lead time to get a vehicle on the road, can you imagine the cars we'll have in ten years now that Detroit is even more desperate now than they were in 2000 for a green image makeover?

Your comment that "it took near bankruptcy" for GM to switch to green technology is patently false, though. This transition has been going on for longer than you'd imagine - since before "Who Killed The Electric Car", since way before the Iraq war and the subsequent spike in gas prices, and since way way before these recent auto industry troubles. Engineering doesn't happen overnight. These are still some of the biggest organizations in the world, and with good reason - with pooled resources they are even more efficient than they would be as hundreds of small outfits. That said, while they are more agile than they have ever been, being agile in automotive means taking a few years to do something new rather than a couple decades. If you can do better, I invite you to become a Henry Ford - start your own auto company and see how difficult it is. Tesla has been experiencing this firsthand - automotive is lightyears more difficult than they anticipated or expected.

Comment Re:NOBODY gets my SSN. (Score 1) 543

I'm afraid that isn't always the case with CDMA phones though. They do not have a SIM. I've heard they can be "reflashed" to work on other networks, but in order to do this you have to find a vendor willing to perform the operation and who is competent with your model of phone. Something like the Pre which is only on one CDMA carrier likely would not be flashable.
The Internet

Submission + - The Plan To Kill Independent Web Sites

SpicyBrownMustard writes: There's been a great deal written about Representative Rick Boucher's efforts to impose an overt opt-in standard on all websites before showing third-party advertising (AdSense, ValueClick, etc.) to visitors. Boucher's stated claim is that, as the chairman of the House Subcommittee on telecommunications technology and the Internet he's very concerned about our privacy. However, the conspiracy theorists see a slightly different and much more nefarious motive, pulling the "financial rug" out form under independent websites, shifting the power and control back to big media, which just happens to be Boucher's campaign donors. The article by a "mister old school" proposes, "To the average person, this may seem like a drastic but reasonable action to ensure online privacy, in reality, it's a systematic plan of genocide that will destroy independent thought on the Internet." We may not particularly like much of the online ads we see, but the fact is, for sites like Slashdot, it pays the bills. What do Slashdotters think of this? Conspiracy or pandering?

Comment Not exactly a port... (Score 1) 90

The one thing nobody has noted yet is that this is not really a port.

Doom was originally developed on NextStep, which is the OS that was used as the basis for Mac OS X when jobs came back to Apple in the late 90's. The iPhone runs OS X!

As a result, the DOS version and every other version of Doom are ports. The iPhone version is essentially on its native, original platform, probably utilizing the original code with some tweaks for the touch controls, etc.

Comment Re:Social hack - use "bullfight" for "speed trap". (Score 0) 291

Many municipalities intentionally keep the speed limits low to generate revenue. There's a town here in Michigan that gets the overwhelming majority of the city budget from traffic fines. When speed limits are kept low not for safety but rather for other purposes (such as the to give police the ability to selectively pull people over based on appearance) they are not serving the public and the public has the right to commit civil disobedience by not obeying the speed limit, en masse.

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