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Comment Re:Um... (Score 2) 612

My pollutants spewed per mile are lower than a petrol engine.

Research particulates from a gasoline engine vs a diesel engine. Diesels emit much more -- if they were popular we would have extreme smog issues.

Another easy way to tell: Look at the bumper of diesel cars around the exhaust -- sooty! That soot is being released into the air and is a carcinogen.

With recent EPA requirements changing, manufacturers have had to combat this. One low tech technique is to put a paper filter on the exhaust to catch the particulates. Another is to change the fuel/air ratio to ensure combustion of the soot -- however that results in increased NOx transmissions. To solve this, newer diesel cars/SUVs (BMW, Mercedes, Jeep, Chevy) come with a urea tank. The urea is injected into the exhaust which then allows a catalytic converter to break down NOx. The engine computer is required to prohibit you from starting the car if the urea tank is empty. (Usually there is a small grace period -- 10 starts or so.)

I am looking forward to clean (and affordable!) diesels but we are still not quite there yet.

Comment Re:Well of course... (Score 1) 688

Unemployment is high right now, not because companies can't find good people, but because companies are afraid to take on the responsibility (and liability) of expanding and hiring until they absolutely have to, due to a messed up political and financial environment.

IT unemployment is low! (I've heard ~2% more recently)

Comment Re:Amzon isnt dodging anything (Score 1) 639

If I am in california and buy something from a company with a presence in California and my purchased items ship from California to me I should pay California sales taxes.

But they don't have a presence in California, your orders placed with Amazon are fulfilled by a [legally] different company!

They are essentially drop shipping everything you order.

Comment Re:Enough of this (Score 1) 811

I feel it's important to point out that Amazon actually has a presence in Texas, and therefore when they sell product to Texans they actually do need to be collecting sales tax and remitting it to the State of Texas.

Are you sure the company that sold you the product has a presence?

I work for a company (not in Washington) that drop ships for Amazon. In other words, Amazon.com, LLC buys the product from us and we ship it to whatever address they want. In this case, it seems the "brick and mortar" argument is easily arguable to not apply because we have no ties with Amazon.

Now, what if Amazon warehouses were considered to be owned by a different company legally? I'll pick a name, say "Amazon.com KYDC, LLC". ;)

Amazon.com, LLC does the same thing where they buy from this secondary company and have them ship it to the customer. Does Amazon.com, LLC still have a presence?

Comment Re:Boom. (Score 1) 325

Yep, the new Chevy Volt will be lithium, but the Prius and other hybrids are all NiMH. You said the exact reason why -- they were (still are?) the most proven battery technology at the time the cars were engineered. (That's also the "big deal" about the Volt -- GM is having to do a bunch of research to develop a car worthy lithium battery in a very short time.)

Comment Re:Memtest not perfect. (Score 1) 724

Agreed. I have an ASUS Intel board and I bought 4 x 2GB sticks. Pick any three and it was rock solid -- add in that fourth and the machine would blue screen or processes would mysteriously crash after some time.

Turns out it's a very common problem for boards to have trouble reliably powering all 4 DIMMs, and upping the voltage by .1-.2V over spec saved the day.


New Type of Particle May Have Been Found 281

An anonymous reader writes "The LHC is out of commission, but the Tevatron collider at Fermilab is still chugging along, and may have just discovered a new type of particle that would signal new physics. New Scientist reports that the Tevatron's CDF detector has found muons that seem to have been created outside of the beam pipe that confines the protons and anti-protons being smashed together. The standard model can't explain the muons, and some speculate that 'an unknown particle with a lifetime of about 20 picoseconds was produced in the collision, traveled about 1 centimeter, through the side of the beam pipe, and then decayed into muons.' The hypothetical particle even seems to have the right mass to account for one theory of dark matter."

AJAX Version of Mathematica Coming 75

stoolpigeon writes "The O'Reilly School of Technology is teaming up with Wolfram Research to provide on-line math courses using an AJAX version of Mathematica. O'Reilly has posted an and interview with Scott Gray, the director of OST, that has more details on the program (named Hilbert after David Hilbert) itself as well as the classes they will be offering."
Book Reviews

PHP In Action: Objects, Design, Agility 232

Michael J. Ross writes "Despite being perhaps the most popular Web language in use, PHP has for much of its history been criticized for not offering the full capabilities of object-oriented programming (OOP). But with the release of version 5, PHP introduced a robust object model, and made it easier for its proponents to create well-architected Web sites and applications. In turn, the new OOP capabilities have facilitated additional best practices, such as design patterns, test-driven development, continual refactoring, and HTML templates. These topics and more are explored in the book PHP in Action: Objects, Design, Agility."

Perl 5.10, 20 Year Anniversary 304

alfcateat writes "Perl 1 was released to the public by Larry Wall 20 years ago yesterday. To celebrate, Perl5Porters have released Perl5.10, the latest stable version of Perl 5. Happy Birthday Perl! Perl 5.10 isn't just a bug fix version: it's full of new features that I'm eager to use: named captures in regular expressions, state variables for subroutines, the defined-or operator, a switch statement (called given-when, though), a faster regex engine, and more. You can read more about the changes in perldelta."

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