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Comment Re:Vodka is better (Score 4, Insightful) 633

Not everyone likes distilled liquors such as Vodka. I have no stomach for it and do not enjoy it in the slightest.

Beer on the other hand I enjoy greatly. I stick to mainly micro and craft brews. I don't drink my beer to get drunk, I drink it because I enjoy the many many different flavor profiles possible with different types of beers and ingredients used. You sound like the typical youth of today, the only way to drink is in excess and the only reason to drink is to get drunk. Grow up and mature a bit, the world doesn't need more irresponsible alcoholics.

Comment Re:Kill XP? (Score 1) 405

And there are technical details like support for 4k sector drives (see .

XP works just fine with 4K sector drives as most if not all manufactures use an alinement tool to properly align the drives. I use it on drives before I clone them and it has been working great. Your point here is invalid.

Comment Re:Kill XP? (Score 1) 405

I do not like virtual box because it will not access my network and will not find a flash drive either

I'm sorry but that is just user error, not VirtualBox. I run VirtualBox both at home and at work on many different models of hardware and I have never had those issues.

Just because you don't know how to make something work does not make it a bad product.

Comment Re:Which Gnome? (Score 1) 157

Same here, switched to Xubuntu and am back to a simple, usable and customizable desktop.

Its actually kinda funny, I started out a KDE fan. I ran KDE 3.6 till support/updates were finally done and despising all the glitz and glam of KDE 4.0, switched to Ubuntu and got used to Gnome 2 and loved it eventually. Now that Gnome 2 is done and Gnome 3 and Unity are too much about looks and not about simple functionality, I switched to Xubuntu and now love Xfce.

Funny how history keeps repeating itself.

Comment Re:Another Win (Score 1) 159

That's what everyone said about 4.0 when it launched. People said 4.2 was far superior and far more stable than 4.0. I tried 4.2 and just could not get a usable desktop out of it. I switched to Gnome2 and have been using that for years happily. Now that Gnome has gone to hell, ive switched to Xfce and life is good again.

I want to like KDE again, I just cant get over the bells and whistles getting in my way and cluttering up my work spaces.

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