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Comment Re:Cowboy Neal (Score 1) 471


"Polls – a poll is usually run on the site in the right-hand margin, asking users their choice on a variety of topics. In the earlier years of the site, one of the options that could be selected was CowboyNeal, the handle of Jonathan Pater, an administrator of the site. This became known as the CowboyNeal option.[39] During the summer of 2005, he stopped being in charge of the polls, and as a result the CowboyNeal option disappeared."

Comment 12 weaks is too short (Score 1) 978

The observation period in this study is way too short to see an effect on body weight.

Muscles are heavier (more dense) than fat and exercise has some anabolic effect too. So in the first period a study person is loosing fat and gaining muscle mass. When the muscle amount stabilizes on the higher lever, you will see the weight drop. This effect was nicely seen in SuperSize me.

Comment Re:Laptop (Score 3, Informative) 697

One thing to watch out:

I tried this with two laptops, and you have to keep the lid open, because processor overheats otherwise.

This is bad for the space it occupies and for the dust that keeps raining on the keyboard ...

With lid open, it works great.

Comment Re:Ubuntu, Now More Popular than Windows XP! (Score 1) 414

"It merely means that more people are searching on that term."

Thank you for your kind explanation, I meant that this means something completely different ...

Windows XP is the most used OS on this planet in this moment. People search for drivers, support, software, forums, common problems etc. A agree with you, that they type different search terms for them. But ... Ubuntu should have (according to this research) only 0,5% of the whole cake of OS-es. Isn't it strange, that this 0,5 % of all google searches get hits more often than windows XP, Vista or Windows 7.

over 50% against under 0,5% ...

It sounds a bit strange for me ...

Comment Re:Asthma is not curable (Score 1) 266

OK, I agree totally with you, that this study wasn't powered enough to answer a question about causal relationship between Asthma and watching TV. I have also first thought ... OK, this newsflash comes from yellow magazines ... but it doesn't !

They do actually comment it on their web site:

And this link is the first link on the front page of the study. They are just not serious and this is not something so uncommon in academic circles these days ... They just push such "news" . Plain ugly. Maybe because the other data they mined with taxpayers money was so less interesting, they didn't bother to talk about it. They add, that sun is good for mum and the baby and that FTO is linked to increased appetite ... and the input data was collected form mother reported survey ...

Why do they still throw money on such studies with total lack of scientific imagination ?

THe cause: YES, WE CAN !!

And they do it. They get a big budget from the country and then they do the "research". But the bill has come and also UK will have to find a way to think, where will they pounds be spend. They didn't bother till now ... and now they CAN'T any more ...

Comment Asthma is not curable (Score 1) 266

Except for professional and some forms of allergic asthma, there is no cure for asthma yet. We can only make it less active. We can achieve this with medications, with breathing training and also by other means.

The most important part: having asthma is not he same as having less active asthma. This study is talking about getting asthma, not about having asthma properly treated.

So the question remains the same and is still unanswered by this stupid study: Does enough early live exercise prevents people from getting asthma ? ... or is this study only watching a third factor, that influences a degree of child's exercise and asthma induction simultaneously ?

We don't know that, I only hope my taxpayers money is not spent on this nonsense ... (maybe they got a brain damaged sponsor or something).

Comment Re:Correlation vs. Causation (Score 1) 266

"Yupe that still means "Hey everyone, look what happens if you don't encourage kids to play outside and you let companies spew whatever they want into the air"

It doesn't. You are making the same mistake, those "researchers" are doing. You don't know why some people are more active and some are less.

Nothing in life is certain

For example ... If you ingest a certain amount of Polonium ( ) ... I can guarantee you, what will happen in a week or two. I can guarantee you also what will happen when a truck full of cement drives over you. Some things are pretty certain in live.

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